When I was a child,  Being a doctor or lawyer was my dream.  When I was a child,  Girls were just weird kids who wore skirts and didn’t have wee wees.  When I was a child,  Getting naked was much more fun than having clothes on;  at least I didn’t have to worry about getting […]

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Alcohol Coloured Reflections

Alcohol colored reflections I buried you last night In a pool of booze after the fight Light headed, tipsy already in full flight My hands shaky with fright This is something I must do with my might Gotta correct this blight Scraping the filth encrusting my eyes so I can see the light I miss […]

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‘Ere I am

‘ere I sought you Aware of your bound hands ‘ere I saw you I did a merry dance ‘ere I knew you I saw a chance ‘ere I love you You haunt my dreams and prance ‘ere I feel you Your lips are the memories perchance ‘ere I sought you In the arms of your […]

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Adulthood. Growing up into a man in contemporary Ghana is not an easy task, especially for a first born son in a young family. When most of your peers are middle siblings and “last babies” it can be difficult. Not having an older sibling to look up to can be frustrating. Taking the hard way […]

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The Panther

THE PANTHER The day I stopped hunting, That life I be shunting No longer filling my stores with the hides of deer and foxes, Furs streaming across my ceiling; buntings Emptied all my guns Unloading cartridges I know I’ll no longer trap partridges Breaking their feet with the teeth of my snares I quit being […]

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