So the year has finally wound down to today. Some countries may have started their celebrations early but hey, it is a new year soon. This year has been topsy-turvy (is every year not like that?). I think 2013 will stand out in the 2 decades plus of my existence so far. People died. That […]

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Writing and I

  Writing and I have been close friends for a long while now. From class four when my mother aided me to write the best essay my teacher had ever seen I knew I would have to step up my game. I lived in books then, cutting my teeth with illustrated classics like Black Beauty […]

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My tango with art

  Art is a curiosity to me. That said I started art out of curiosity rather than necessity. I was a science freak. I wanted to be a veterinarian when I grew up. The natural world is a place full of wonder. My issue? I made good drawings. Not extraordinary but good. I read about […]

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The din suddenly shatters     Glass shards.     As the sound of drumming feet hits the air.   A mass of well-oiled figures pouring out like rats from the gutters     Ochre to olive; boyish and Adonis,     Kilts of the triumvirate their waists adorn.     The roar of their voices echoes; Undeniably male,     The thunderclap […]

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FAREWELLS AND GOOD TIDINGS   Farewells are not the nicest tidings to give, For they are liable to choke you up with emotion, And make your resolve dive.   Farewells are important, They are the beginnings of ends The ends of beginnings.   Farewells are title pages For the chapters of the books of our […]