What’s that? Jesus loves me, you say?

More often than not religion binds us to rules we barely understand. Speaking of what we actually feel about our faith and salvation is something 1 in 10 people ever realize. Amazing truth in this post




I start and I stop

And wonder why the clouds never drop

And instead make my clothes flop.

Raindrops prance on my roof; clip clop.

Annoying chore; going mop mop mop.

Chasing mud and water from the top.

Little wonder rainy days are a sour sop.

They leave dead leaves and nasty brown slop.

And smells to make your ears lop.


© Sena Kodjokuma, 2014

Tips on how to be free (as defined by myself)

Follow the rules. As much as you may resent structured norms, they actually give you a lot of freedom especially when they have loopholes.
Bite back your anger. Looking furious is never cool. You never want to come across as a monster because of a disturbing issue.
Place value in the simplest things. I find that cartoons, photographs and pets calm me down often. I laugh raucously and goof around at the risk of looking like a fool. It works the same for pretty much everyone.
Be emotional when you need to be. It is senseless bottling up emotion. All it does is turn you into a worse person. When you are happy be happy, when you are sad be under the weather. It is a natural tonic for wellbeing.
When a loved one lets you go, hold on until it is no longer your cause. By eliminating all doubt about your inability to maintain a relationship through a hard time you give yourself a clean conscience.
The only person who truly cares about you is you. You do not live for other people you live for yourself only. Relying on other people to make you move ahead turns you into a liability.
You are God. As extensions of His divine Self, you are already full of grace. On the flipside, it means you are in full control of your life and choices. You are not a mindless being. You are steward of the earth act like it!
Laugh when you are angry especially with yourself. Laughing at yourself softens the potential blow anybody would actually land on you. By admitting you are angry over an issue and not fussing about it diffuses the emotion.
Do not be controlled by what you feel. While you should feel every emotion, it does not mean you should kow-tow to it. Only little brats and spoilt animals allow emotion to take over. Be sensible about how you feel.
Be cordial and polite, even when the other party does not deserve it. Nothing rankles an antagonist worse than a polite opponent. When you are cordial and polite, it gives people who do not like you less reason not to.
Be yourself. Be the first of your kind always not the next whoever-was-there-first. Allowing your uniqueness broadcast to the people around you makes people like you for who you are flaws or not.
Be aware of your environment. Wherever you go be in touch with everything, you can recall. It allows you to be comfortable in any terrain.
Be versatile. More often than not people who refuse to adapt themselves to a new situation are left out in the cold. The great rule of survival kills those who cannot change. Why be caught out?
Do not be more of a nuisance than you already are. Do not attempt to endear yourself to those who would have nothing to do with you. Keep to yourself and they will leave you alone.
Do not sink under pressure. You are often the victim of your focus. Phase out, prioritise the things you want to do, get into a rhythm and then get to work. Distract yourself for a bit and wear the coat again.
Do not let your circumstances define you. As much as it is terrible to survive a conflagration, rise above it. It is the past not your trump card. The kindest people are the ones who have known suffering and yet choose to smile.
You are not the star of the show. You are just one of seven billion humans on this earth. Do not act as if you are the survivor of a worldwide holocaust. Blend in and do your part. That is what makes you stand out.
Be upfront and legitimate. Doing the right thing is always the best thing. Independent of how you feel, stick to your guts when they differ from what you see. It takes patience to pan gold from a riverbed of sand.

You are only free as long as you are bound by the rules that define you. The eagle flies because it has to reach land. The unshackled destroys. Let the unstable elements remind you of that.

The Fifa Duel



The room was filled with such primal intent when the new comer walked in. Over the deathly silence, nobody noticed him lurking at the back. The furore earlier had brought him sniffing. Now he gazed at the others intent on waiting his turn. Presently a roar went up and a din filled the area. The new comer cleared his throat and projected his voice. “After kpor.” At the sound the others stiffened. They turned to glance at him balefully, wolf faces scarred by numerous battles. The reigning champion sized him up and smirked. Savouring the scent of the meal to come he nodded his approval to the new comer. “The guy de look cool chop o.” commentated a player turned spectator. “This one di3 the game owner for put for am easy kraa.” Said another. “Nah the way e get vim talk after kpor di3 the game owner for de gee.” “I no de fear kraa. This game owner de win tournament for mall and tins all o. Vim dey.” The first speaker spoke. “You go bet for top?” “Sharp kraa.” Declared the consensus.

The new comer grinned and picked up the controller. “Wey configuration you de use?” the champion asked. He was the game owner as well. “Box to shoot.” The new comer replied. “Abi u de take the R1 de boot.” The champion continued. “Yeah.” Came the curt reply. “Then ibi custom B.”

They proceeded to select teams. The champion/ game owner quickly made his selection. Bayern Munich. The new comer shook his head and twisted his lips, eventually settling for Real Madrid. Behind him bets were being placed on the two. The odds? Your guess is as good as mine.

The game owner did his tactics; a 5-4-1 diamond formation, with Schweinsteiger at LWB and Shaqiri in CDM. The new comer just did the usual, putting Ronaldo on top and Benzema relegated to the bench.  The game started without much ado and the game owner/ champion was up to his tricks effectively hitting a through ball for Thomas Muller to convert easily. A chuckle rose from the crowd. The new comer restarted the game. In a series of “eish” and ajei.” He had successfully rounded the goalkeeper in a Ronaldo solo effort. “Massa, then the Rabona be tight.” Commented one spectator who loved fancy flicks. A few seconds again it was Ronaldo again, employing an elegant sombrero flick and finishing with a delicate chipped shot over the hapless keeper.

Flustered, the game owner and reigning champion switched to Ultra Attacking and High Pressure. His tactics almost came to immediate fruition as Mandzukic narrowly missed a header. With a well-placed throw from the goalkeeper Casillas, Bale was sent ahead in the counterattack. A roulette was in store for Dante and Bale squared for Ronaldo to net his hat trick. A few sniggers erupted within the crowd. The game owner glared at them. “Game owner paa wey dem de take moves de gye am so?” “Nigga shottop for der.” The game owner retorted.

He pulled one back and had a potential equaliser disallowed for offside. The new comer was silent. All you could hear were the clicks of the controller as he relentlessly carved the defense open, converting chance after chance with impunity. The game ended 6 – 2 in favour of the new comer. The boys broke into a collective jeer. The new comer shrugged. As he turned to leave he felt a hand grip his wrist firmly. “Ma guy, where you de go? Rematch.” The new comer replied nonchalantly. “No yawa.” And the game started all over again.

Excerpt from Hunted: In The Eyes of the Wolf by Alexander Kodjokuma

I guess it was dark but I almost could not tell. Everything seemed ok and clear to me. I let out a long lazy yawn. Someone stirred in his sleep. I stopped. My yawn sounded… well animal. I shrugged and slipped out of the ward. I crept stealthily along using my newly heightened senses. I was able to weave my way through personnel. I was heading to the roof. Some deep-seated instinct was telling me to. I ran now, dropping to all fours occasionally. I could hear the wind whipping my gown, the soft click of the guard dogs’ paws as they patrolled the hospital ground with their handlers. I burst out at the roof of the hospital. I yelled, trying to empty my lungs, to clear the cloying hospital smell from my nostrils. I wanted to get the hospital smell out of my nostrils. I continued yelling but then I discovered I was not yelling. I was howling. “What the hell is happening to me?” I could sense the startled dogs moving uncertainly whining all the while. I gritted my teeth. They felt sharper. 
Clenching my fist, I could feel my nails digging into my palm. I opened my hands. My nails were not nails anymore. They were effectively described as claws. I howled again. One thought kept running through my mind “I’m becoming a werewolf!” I raced around and looked at the moon. It was a gibbous moon. My body was itching terribly. I squirmed along the floor rubbing hard. Black fur was sprouting all over me. My body lengthened. Such immense pain on my spine as it stretched and twisted. My ears were shifting to the top of my head. My arms and legs became decidedly doglike but powerful and thick. My nose and mouth ran together and lengthened. Teeth crowded my mouth and they changed shape, grinding and cracking. I felt my spine push out of my rear forming a short tail. I whined and howled for the pain was nerve wracking. A few seconds later, it did not matter anymore. I was fully changed. I felt strong and excited. I rose to my feet; the ground pulled away. I ran for the short wall and leapt in empty space. I landed powerfully and scrabbled forward. I was starving and I could smell food. I dashed towards the smell, all four legs propelling me at an impossibly fast pace. I streaked along an alleyway, too fast for humans to catch a glimpse of me. I slowed to a stop. I smelled a doggy smell. Not quite doggy, it was more rich and exotic. Then I noticed the glowing eyes. Another werewolf stepped out of the shadow. It looked like a large wolf. She growled; pheromones told me it was female. I stood there bewildered. She lunged. I ducked and ran along. She chased me for a while and gave up. I was just too fast. I noticed I smelled something off. The humans some smelled okay but most had a bittersweet smell. They smelled of decay. My hackles rose but I shrugged it off. I had to get to the food, and to do that I had to leave the side streets and alleyways. 
I stepped out into the busy street. Busy for such a late hour. The stench hit me again. Then I noticed human eyes glowing red. I reared. A car tried to swerve me. I was getting angry and the excitement of the run was wearing off. I snarled. “You think you may be some tough dog eh, coming out in the open.” An irate youth spoke. His canines flashed. His skin was unnaturally pale. I did the math, and bellowed. Vampire! The vampire people were coming closer now. I could tell humans were fleeing. I had to escape. No animal likes to be cornered and certainly not me. I charged. Teeth flashing and claws slashing, I was a whirlwind of fury. I felt hot metal sting me. I was blinded by animal rage. I roared an unwolfish thing. I felt myself growing even more powerful. I did not need to go on all fours. Then someone ripped a hole in my side. I snarled and milled about swinging my arms. I cleared a path. Then I saw it coming, hurtling through the air at me; the taxi cab. I jumped, aiming for the nearest rooftop but a bullet pierced my skull. I lay there stunned. The cab landed a few feet away plowing a few vampires. I howled again a lone wolf calling for help. Bullets bore down on me like hail. I was not healing fast enough. I could hear the footsteps of the vampires and their jeers. They were coming closer. I snarled feebly. 
Then they came. Werewolves of various shapes and sizes; ki’ ying terribly like the angry cryptocanids they were. I took count. Two were like me, a few were like large wolves, the rest were two legged but undeniably wolfish. They were the kind I had seen in movies. The ground shook with their approach. Some vampires started running off. A few fired shots. They were engulfed like an army of ants marching over a helpless rabbit. My heart thundered. I may have asked for their help but I was a lone wolf against a pack. I was on enemy territory too. That much my instinct told me. The werewolves gathered round me.”Get up.” Their leader spoke. He was like me except he had silver fur and had brilliantly green eyes. “This is no place for a youngling to go on a joyride.” His eyes locked on mine. He unlocked my recent memories. He particularly took his time over my fight with the vampires. It seemed he was impressed. The pack rallied there. Then he looked at me again, this time probing deeply. I felt oddly heavy; it was as if he was trying to force his will on mine. I resisted and whined. I did not like it. He kept his gaze steady. I started turning over, ready to submit. Then a snarl pierced the silence. A lean ashen gray wolf stood over me. “Back off. He is mine.” 



At the time of writing this, I had just finished a meal of “banku” and “gboma detsi”. Food simply but is one of the cornerstones of life. I savoured each scoop of the “banku” and wondered how to write a post on food. As a former hale and hearty eater (who doesn’t grow fat no matter how hard he tries.) I find is surprisingly difficult to describe the eating experience. At this moment, my favourite anime character mugiwara no Luffy sums up everything I have to say about eating. Eat what you have been served, eat heartily and ask for more helpings if you can. Treat every meal as if it is gourmet and do not be squeamish about trying new dishes. Who knows? You may like it!