I start and I stop And wonder why the clouds never drop And instead make my clothes flop. Raindrops prance on my roof; clip clop. Annoying chore; going mop mop mop. Chasing mud and water from the top. Little wonder rainy days are a sour sop. They leave dead leaves and nasty brown slop. And […]


The Fifa Duel

THE FIFA DUEL The room was filled with such primal intent when the new comer walked in. Over the deathly silence, nobody noticed him lurking at the back. The furore earlier had brought him sniffing. Now he gazed at the others intent on waiting his turn. Presently a roar went up and a din filled […]

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  At the time of writing this, I had just finished a meal of “banku” and “gboma detsi”. Food simply but is one of the cornerstones of life. I savoured each scoop of the “banku” and wondered how to write a post on food. As a former hale and hearty eater (who doesn’t grow fat […]

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