The Fifa Duel



The room was filled with such primal intent when the new comer walked in. Over the deathly silence, nobody noticed him lurking at the back. The furore earlier had brought him sniffing. Now he gazed at the others intent on waiting his turn. Presently a roar went up and a din filled the area. The new comer cleared his throat and projected his voice. “After kpor.” At the sound the others stiffened. They turned to glance at him balefully, wolf faces scarred by numerous battles. The reigning champion sized him up and smirked. Savouring the scent of the meal to come he nodded his approval to the new comer. “The guy de look cool chop o.” commentated a player turned spectator. “This one di3 the game owner for put for am easy kraa.” Said another. “Nah the way e get vim talk after kpor di3 the game owner for de gee.” “I no de fear kraa. This game owner de win tournament for mall and tins all o. Vim dey.” The first speaker spoke. “You go bet for top?” “Sharp kraa.” Declared the consensus.

The new comer grinned and picked up the controller. “Wey configuration you de use?” the champion asked. He was the game owner as well. “Box to shoot.” The new comer replied. “Abi u de take the R1 de boot.” The champion continued. “Yeah.” Came the curt reply. “Then ibi custom B.”

They proceeded to select teams. The champion/ game owner quickly made his selection. Bayern Munich. The new comer shook his head and twisted his lips, eventually settling for Real Madrid. Behind him bets were being placed on the two. The odds? Your guess is as good as mine.

The game owner did his tactics; a 5-4-1 diamond formation, with Schweinsteiger at LWB and Shaqiri in CDM. The new comer just did the usual, putting Ronaldo on top and Benzema relegated to the bench.  The game started without much ado and the game owner/ champion was up to his tricks effectively hitting a through ball for Thomas Muller to convert easily. A chuckle rose from the crowd. The new comer restarted the game. In a series of “eish” and ajei.” He had successfully rounded the goalkeeper in a Ronaldo solo effort. “Massa, then the Rabona be tight.” Commented one spectator who loved fancy flicks. A few seconds again it was Ronaldo again, employing an elegant sombrero flick and finishing with a delicate chipped shot over the hapless keeper.

Flustered, the game owner and reigning champion switched to Ultra Attacking and High Pressure. His tactics almost came to immediate fruition as Mandzukic narrowly missed a header. With a well-placed throw from the goalkeeper Casillas, Bale was sent ahead in the counterattack. A roulette was in store for Dante and Bale squared for Ronaldo to net his hat trick. A few sniggers erupted within the crowd. The game owner glared at them. “Game owner paa wey dem de take moves de gye am so?” “Nigga shottop for der.” The game owner retorted.

He pulled one back and had a potential equaliser disallowed for offside. The new comer was silent. All you could hear were the clicks of the controller as he relentlessly carved the defense open, converting chance after chance with impunity. The game ended 6 – 2 in favour of the new comer. The boys broke into a collective jeer. The new comer shrugged. As he turned to leave he felt a hand grip his wrist firmly. “Ma guy, where you de go? Rematch.” The new comer replied nonchalantly. “No yawa.” And the game started all over again.


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