When the cheerful sun goes down And the gloves come off before the brawl starts, Innocence stained with evil dye. I will sit in the shady corner of the pub , Supping my cold meal with rats. Then I will cloak myself with night, Charging my dark horse into the race. That one whose trophy […]



White light Lurid lights Hogtied and strung up I swing Back and forth; pendulum. The searing pain Of fingernails tearing. I let out a muffled scream The stinking sock balled in my mouth Constricts my tongue. Then comes the feathers When pleasure becomes pain My eyes bulge And my feet are wrung. Then the steam […]

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The Wildling

I met the wildling a while ago Took her home and harbored her. Fierce little creature she was Feisty and mercurial She is one helluva package. See? I have the scars to prove it. The wildling was up to mischief again today She fought the class bully on the playground. Leaving his crown in bloody […]

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The world doesn’t flow around me. Barely anyone knows I exist. Normalcy becomes me. Difference is the same. I can barely keep in line. And I cannot save you. I am no hero. I cannot destroy a city While bashing your demons. I do not have a nemesis. I am afraid. What I can do […]

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Free Night

Fingers clicking the keypad in rote The familiar hush before she says hello. Before her giddy excitement breaks the mellow. Then the daily wind down. Then the intransitive nature peeks through. Rainfall And memories. Annoying drivers and suitors. The golden conversation about nothing. Yet talking about everything. The hushed whispers when the shadow is under […]

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Little Dreamer Boy

Little dreamer boy Your mind oddly big Forever afloat; a buoy Your flights of imagination are unparalleled. Little dreamer boy Wake up! The classroom is not for sleep But to learn the secrets of the world. Fuel for diving into the deep. Little dreamer boy Read and read For knowledge is the sharpest blade you […]

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Rufus Kodjokuma was my dog. He lived and died as any dog would; happy. I feel a deep sense of loss as I type. Death is never easy. As a pet owner the feeling of grief is not different from losing a human. I suppose the attachment built makes it so hard. I have just […]