Cruel Cruel World

You know it’s a cruel cruel word when, The waakye seller tells you “krakye asa wai.” when it finally gets to your turn in the queue after the long hustle. Charle you get the kanzo sef a you go chop. You know it’s a cruel cruel world when, Your senior decides at inspection time to […]

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I see you, Glittering like a peacock in moonlight, With your trinkets Strutting like a cockerel. A grimace dances on your face, A mask of color, And your voice twittering Scratchy; a broken record A vain attempt to hide the husk in it. You must be brave, For the streetlight betrays you, Even as you […]

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Memoir of a geek

I woke up today, And stretched for my wand. Needless to say it was not in its usual spot. I’m sure mama must have stacked it away as I slept. I dread school. Even my sitting mate doesn’t talk to me, Except to say “pass me the book.” Break time is always rough, However i […]

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Excerpt From “Chop Bar Date”

At the doorway I bumped into a familiar mass of music. As the familiar tenor voice intoned “Massa you no know your left from your right?” I exclaimed. “Kojo!” he grinned. (I assumed he did. The house was so dark compared to the flickering lights outside.”) “Kpako!” he replied. “Whassup?” “Abi you know. We just […]

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