Pirates’ Shanty

Ho the sea roils blue
Through me spyglass I see true,
Me men on the rigging
Monkeys free swinging no,prigging.
Me timbers shiver and moan
At the thrill of the whaling that dyes the sea roan.
Tis a privateers’ shanty
Sung to the tune of the whore’s panty
Bawdy and lewd
Me belly full of rum
Come daughter of jezebel
Warm me with your teat
And coin will ring hell’s bell.
Blue sea yonder,
Make me rich
Not from slave negro
But from the pompous bastards who do flay them
Aye I am a libero
At me mast doth fly the Jolly Roger
I am a son of the sea
And by Neptune
It’s a pirate’s shanty I sing
Into the nubile new world.

© Sena Kodjokuma 2014