The Day The World Stood Still

This is a fictious story inspired by true events. Ladies and gentlemen, I present THE DAY THE WORLD STOOD STILL ‘’ Dear Diary, Today has to be possibly the worst day of my life.’’ I shook my head once more. The day’s events had thrown me into utter disbelief. As I sat in the massive […]

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Just for the record I am a heterosexual man. I however believe that homosexual people also have basic human rights. Homophobia is a canker worse than racism. Please enjoy the read. SINGULARITY The dictionaries say one of the meanings of singularity is “a trait marking one as distinct from others; a peculiarity.” I snorted in […]

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Take a minute and reflect, Rays of light refracted, Diffused evenly over a surface, White. Observe a minute of noise, Sixty seconds of chaotic orderliness, A backwash of perfect sense. Sound. What if the lie was hidden in the light? Blanketed, What if all we can see is darkness, And the purity of the children […]

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