The Predator and the Girl

They stared at each other,
Wide eyed.
Curiosity rippled across his face,
The sun danced in his eyes,
Gold and green flecked with darkness.
She stared back,
Hazel irises glowing softly,
Rimmed with plastic and metal.
He shrugged,
A fluid wave of carelessness,
And padded up to her.
Arrhythmic muscle spasms.
Such wild malign written in his eyes,
Gold and green flecked with darkness.
Self conscious,
She clutched at her bosom,
Embarrassment staining her cheeks.
Soon they were nose to nose,
Their breath misting the air,
Spouts of trepidation.
He was beautiful,
In the way God made eaters of the flesh.
She was beautiful,
In that elastic femininity,
Bending and breaking yet whole.
She was ruddy with desire,
He flush with intent.
Their lips parted,
Hers yearning,
His writhing,
A potent smile.
They stared at each other,
Wide eyed.
The only thing between them,
A chain link fence.

© Sena Frost 2015


Death of a God

I saw him.
He did signs and wonders.
He held the faith of a people.
Demagogues of centuries laid bare.
He spoke of many things.
Blasphemy decried.
He was put away.
The tip of the whip supersonic.
A half ton.
Dead tree.
Borne on torn muscles.
Such strength.
When the breath left his body.
I knew.
I witnessed.
The birth of God.

© Sena Frost 2015


This piece is a personal favourite. It always speaks to me; pure and unbroken

Hitlerskiss Blog

‘Ayo’ in the Yuroba language spoken in Nigeria means joy.

i hope you enjoy this piece.



Dear Ayo

You do the impossible…

To me, to you

In all that sunshine u brew

You hold my hand in yours

Making me feel so small but more….

 Way more than I counted my worth.


You look into my eyes

Where I hide every dark thing

Yet you don’t see the hurt

 Only see the light i bring  

You do things to me man cannot attempt

Creating in me a wonder of emotion and depth

My dear Ayo.

You bring me joy

Even at my end

Your love will last…. It never bends.

And just Because of u

My heart blooms at the end of each day,

I know the truth I can’t hide

And if my lips fail to betray my heart

My pen will play the part….


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