The Predator and the Girl

They stared at each other, Wide eyed. Curiosity rippled across his face, The sun danced in his eyes, Gold and green flecked with darkness. She stared back, Hazel irises glowing softly, Rimmed with plastic and metal. He shrugged, A fluid wave of carelessness, And padded up to her. Arrhythmic muscle spasms. Such wild malign written […]

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Death of a God

I saw him. He did signs and wonders. Magic? He held the faith of a people. Demagogues of centuries laid bare. He spoke of many things. Truth? Blasphemy decried. He was put away. Flogged. The tip of the whip supersonic. A half ton. Dead tree. Borne on torn muscles. Such strength. Superhuman? But. When the […]

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Originally posted on Hitlerskiss Blog:
‘Ayo’ in the Yuroba language spoken in Nigeria means joy. i hope you enjoy this piece. DEAR AYO Dear Ayo You do the impossible… To me, to you In all that sunshine u brew You hold my hand in yours Making me feel so small but more….  Way more than…

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