Mother’s Daughter

Featuring the work of a good friend, please enjoy.
You are beautiful like your mother
Dark skin polished with shea, black locks reaching the arch of your back
Wide eyes, warm and welcoming
ample bosom bidding her loves to take rest
Your person
Yet you have the allure of gold
Calm spirit, wild fire 
Vulnerable yet concealed 
Shaped like your mother
Strong spined woman 
You grew a firmer backbone when lifes weights got heavy
And seasoned your tongue since life took away the innocence 
Hard hands from the grind
Call it adaptation 

You are strong like your mother 
The sweat beads from your forehead landing at your feet
From your toils
Don’t give up child
You are a force
Those scales around your heart were grown from the lessons 
They are part of your story
They make you who you are
Some say are aloof, uncatchable, unfathomable 
They can’t take hold of you. 
They can only see you going 
Don’t look back child
The only reason should be to make sure they were watching 

You are formed like your mother
Her substance is in you
Not for what a mere man promises with a symbols of unfading love
But for something deeper, something worthier 
A hunger for self
To taste the prowess, be filled with your dominance 
Breathe in your woman, don’t ever be ashamed of it
What kind of greatness can be unearthed from her innermost being?
Embrace your femininity 
With no form of fear, with all inhibitions withered
You are a force child
Don’t ever forget 
You are your mothers daughter 




I am,
Speaking on a thorny issue (briar-rose),
Young and misguided,
Misunderstood and misconstrued,
The boy made a man yet at heart a woman.
Alloy of transmutable elements,
Base metal and gold (alchemy),
No transgender crap but yeah,
Feeble minds rule the day.
Equality for all is asymmetric balance,
Tall, short, obese, anorexic.
Here’s what I think of your bullshit honesty,
You’re a liar.
Ask me why.
You refuse to accept what you cannot change so you change what you cannot accept.
Hiding behind the premise of a truth you have only just started to fathom,
Perfect swimmer in the pool,
Out of depth in a flood.
Raincheck? (cheque)
Poncho or umbrella,
Tired arms and howling wind.
Runny ink and rheumy eyes.
By all means carry on!
Science suggests spirituality thickens the brain cortex,
No depression more happiness right?
Cup in hand,
Going from door to door,
Scrapping with dogs for bacon rinds,
To share with you, yourself and yours.
Rancid truths,
Leaving a sour taste on my tongue (lemonade).
Spirituality does not reside in a building.
Prophetic declarations are seemingly self centered.
The irony,
Because the path to knowing oneself is to give ones life for others.
If you doubt me read your bible.
Is it a book of fairytales or a manual to life?
Talk of philosophies and ruthless leaders,
You have one chance till you no longer have it.
I’m no longer at ease,
My heart is no longer your home,
For as far as the crow flies I see an alarming trend.
The only way to make peace is by killing.
Brings to mind what someone said about women, countries and immutable silence.
I will not go easy into the silent night.
Witness me!
For I will cross the bridges while they burn,
Balance myself on the tables as they turn (hip hop).
Its easy to be a tiger (rug)
But its not easy to be a rat,
Chewing steel pipes and gnawing soap,
Bathing in sewers and drinking radiation.
Tell me,
What would you rather be?
A dying breed or a revolutionary (Ché)

© Sena Frost 2015