Polythene Bag Blues

Black polythene bag sailing the skies, Tell me little about you. Spill your secrets like fries, Shooting out from their paper bag. Your obsidian wrinkles don’t have nothing on you, You wizened old hag. How does it feel like to fly? I wonder. You don’t even have wings, But you crest the thermals with the […]

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When We Were Young

WHEN WE WERE YOUNG   Dear brother, As I write to you, I am awash with memories, A timeline of pictures streaming backwards. This is an effusion of love, My tale of pride, Of the life we have shared, Brother. I love you, Alternate combination of our parent’s DNA, Alleles and genomes sequenced in a […]

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Black Hole

Vanishing point, That spot on the horizon where all lines converge. Confused? Its a simple matter of perspective, Straight to the point, Literally linear. All my actions and misadventures, Hurtling towards this spot in the midground, RReady to swallow me whole. May be bird’s eye, May be worm’s. Depending on your view point it might […]

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