At The Bus Stop

In the haze of reds and greens,
Wailing sirens and honking horns,
Feet patter and spittle puddles,
Hands fidget and mouths slur,
Eyes peer on giraffe necks,
Craning to see into the never ceasing stream of motion,
In the ever encroaching dusk.
My friend,
Certainly not an enviable task.
The calm gathers before the storm
As the bus stops
At the bus stop.
Elbows jab and arms flail,
Bodies shove and shimmy
As legs jostle for space atop monstrous spare wheels.
And in the melee
The artful dodger lives up to his name,
Darting and weaving like a shuttle on a loom.
The stage is set for another Dickensian novel,
Right in the heartland of Accra.
Mesi wɔ aha wai.

© Sena Frost 2k16


She Sits Three Pews Away…

She sits three pews away from me at church,

Does she know I love watching the back of her head?

Or that when she smiles she lights up a room?

I think she’s a keeper,

Because she has a unicorn on her profile picture.

It tells me I’m not alone in my crazy world.

I just realised she’s pretty,

With fat baby cheeks,

And that smile I talked about earlier.

I suppose I never did notice her,

Because someone else did like her.

I’m not writing this because we just spoke,

I’m writing this because…

Well darn.

She sits three pews away from me in church,

Does she know I know she has sad eyes?

That the unicorn is a relic of times past?

That our world is dying from within?

I think she’s pretty,

Even with her baby face.

I’m rebounding from the upright,

Will she latch on and score?

L2 + ◻.

I don’t know if I like her or not.

What I know is I liked hearing her voice when we spoke for the first time.

I know I’m standing in quicklime,

Feeling the butterflies in my stomach,

From when she goes by on her morning runs,

My pulse races,

Not because she looks hot,

But then she does look hot.

Fierce and beautiful like a Valkyrie out of Valhalla,

Bearing this fallen warrior into everlasting banquets

But hey,

She’s right there,

Sitting three pews away from me.

I can’t wait to see her.

Because I know,

I’ll see her eyes glowing when she talks.

Ah she drives me mad,

But its cool.

She sits three pews away from me in church,

Does she know I love her?


© Sena Frost 2k16

Image courtesy


The Kiss – David Walker. Image courtesy Google Images


Ignition and combustion

Passion wrapping slender fingers


Superfluous flow of energy from the nebulae of desires

Spontaneous and arcane filtering


Emotions flowing casting their lovelorn shadows on walls

Created by


With cracks

Winding and never ending

In the

Sun shining over fields of grass and flowers

Blue skies


Butterflies floating idly in the breeze

Buffeted by greens and golds

Casting their shadows over lichens and mosses

Kissing the flowers

Where the bumblebee bobs and tosses

Weaving signs and crosses

Full of

Honey rich with sweet nectar

Flowing from our lips touching


Embracing the membranes of our humanity

We overflow

In our futile attempts to become God

We go



© Sena Frost 2k16


Don’t Waste My Time (the creed)

So I was inspired by Krept & Konan’s Don’t Waste My Time. Truely I’m adopting that phrase as my motto for the year. Don’t waste your time on unimportant things. Please enjoy.

Photo credit: Google images


Brothers at arms

We grew up on farms

Cultivating the seeds of intellect.

Fragile and uncommon,

Sold to the few select.

Trust me

We have our elect

So don’t waste our time.



If you value the cash over your friend

Then don’t waste my time

If you’re gonna do disappearing acts and tell capricious fibs

Fam, don’t waste my time

Just go



If he love you he better show he love you

Don’t let him waste your time

You a queen

Your subjects are falling over their heads for you


Don’t waste my time.



If they tell you to blow trees

Flip walls and mesh into the crowd


Don’t waste my time.

If it ain’t pushing you high on the ladder of success

Then don’t waste your time.

If they tell you of God,

But live like gods,

Then don’t waste your time

They gon’ send you straight to hell.



If you in the zone

Dirtying your hands and belittling yourself

Imma slap you good!

Don’t let her waste your time

Plenty fish dey in the sea

If you no like kpala

Red fish dey

So bruh

Don’t waste your time.


If they think they the best

And the white man brought nothing but grief

Don’t waste your time

You know the funny thing?

They are dissing them with their own tech

Waste of time




Don’t waste my time.



Don’t waste my time.

(For real)


Don’t waste my time.



Don’t waste my time.



Don’t waste my time.


if you think I’m wasting your time

Don’t bother reading this.

If you think you too good for the world,

Don’t waste your time

Just off yourself.

All you got is time

And it’s running out faster than Bolt

Out of the blue.

So don’t waste my time.

Time really no dey.


© Sena Frost 2k16