At The Bus Stop

In the haze of reds and greens, Wailing sirens and honking horns, Feet patter and spittle puddles, Hands fidget and mouths slur, Eyes peer on giraffe necks, Craning to see into the never ceasing stream of motion, In the ever encroaching dusk. My friend, Certainly not an enviable task. The calm gathers before the storm […]

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She Sits Three Pews Away…

She sits three pews away from me at church, Does she know I love watching the back of her head? Or that when she smiles she lights up a room? I think she’s a keeper, Because she has a unicorn on her profile picture. It tells me I’m not alone in my crazy world. I […]

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The Kiss – David Walker. Image courtesy Google Images   Ignition and combustion Passion wrapping slender fingers Of Superfluous flow of energy from the nebulae of desires Spontaneous and arcane filtering Into Emotions flowing casting their lovelorn shadows on walls Created by Pain With cracks Winding and never ending In the Sun shining over fields […]

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Don’t Waste My Time (the creed)

So I was inspired by Krept & Konan’s Don’t Waste My Time. Truely I’m adopting that phrase as my motto for the year. Don’t waste your time on unimportant things. Please enjoy. Photo credit: Google images I Brothers at arms We grew up on farms Cultivating the seeds of intellect. Fragile and uncommon, Sold to […]

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