Fisherman’s Daughter

The fisherman’s daughter is the first to greet us From a long day out At sea My heart is for her Perched snuggly on her head In a Basin filled with baskets of Fish We fished from the Depths of the Sea Where our love frolics among the seaweed and Coral Necklace that she wears […]

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You Touched Me

  You touched me, In places hands could never go, Metaphysical Divine Godlike Yet you were only human.   It wasn’t your intention, Just my unfortunate luck That you unwittingly held my heart in detention. Yeah I don’t need to tell you that I suck.   You touched me, In places hands could never go, […]

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Let’s take a moment to make some noise for the brothers and sisters Those gone before their time, Whose voices sent shivers through timbers, Golden and eloquent and worth every dime.   Let’s make some noise for the mothers and fathers, Those who met death like old friends, The movers and the shakers, Who walked […]



We crave it Relish it like it’s a God-given gift Got thugs all lit Pulling on some good Kush Like it gonna give their souls a lift Them girls looking all lush Lights dancing off that bootie Twerking Drawing power with ya cootie Putting them cash brokers to slave working Them accounts like they cotton […]

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I insurrect, Come out of my corner swinging Aiming to resurrect Knock some sense into y’all knuckle heads with the rage my fists are bringing Shake up your intellect Spittin’ bars of pain Feet stomping in the yard Got your head bobbing Filling you with the feel good factor Like I hit you up with […]

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Mental Blues

“Cudjoe! Cudjoe! Wake up!” I heard the voice from far away. Then I felt my body rising and my feet planted to the ground. Half asleep I was marched to the bathroom. Still groggy I was placed on the toilet seat. I did my thing. Next up the bath. Now that got me wide awake. […]

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