Traffic Waves 

image courtesy google images

The sea of red lights stretches as far as the eye can see

Then the tide comes in ghostly green

And darkness follows.

Pulsing amber


© Sena Frost 2k16


Moving On

Face in The Crowd by smashmethod, image courtesy

I saw the face of someone I knew in the crowd.
It disappeared

© Sena Frost 2k16


How to Paint a Sunrise

Smile of the sunrise                                                                                                                                                         Image courtesy

Prepare the ground

Twilight purple

Intersperse with a sprinkling of beige

Don’t worry about evenness

Now stop

Allow to dry for six hours.

Mix red and yellow

Blend into the consistency of an angry flame

Then add some more yellow

Remember you’d want a ruddy gold

Now spread the paint evenly

Large expressive brushstrokes

Let’s see the bristles in them,

It’s not a poster.

Don’t forget to work quickly.

8 minutes is all it takes.

The sea of colour warm seeps across the celestial dark of night

Brazen and unfettered

A dash of colour on a ground of nothingness

Yellows and blues jostling for attention

And at their epicenter

The source of all hue,


© Sena Frost 2k16

two thirty four with dumsor and a storm

Vamping. Image courtesy

2.34 AM

Sleep flees from me

A curtain blown away by the wind of change

Lifting the trapdoor

Creaky hinges

So I listen to the scurrying feet of mice

Peer into the inky blackness

Of nothingness

The void

Where everything in plain sight is hidden.



The cloth slips for free

Leaving my naked body to the mosquitos’ choral rage

A biochemical spoor

For emotional binges

Gut wrenching and heart burning and all together not very nice

I fear the plainness

Of the Loch Ness

Monster unsighted and generally avoid

The pain of freedom now forbidden.


2:36 AM

Pain wells up in my chest

A burning fever

An onslaught of hormones

Adrenaline pumping through capillaries

Pupils dilating to refract the tiniest amount of light


ECG at their best again

I peek outside

And the dark skies are laden with torrents of regret

A hailstorm of “I miss you”s

All the while obsessing about the dry earth

Which I stopped watering

And now

He curates in the hope of a cocoa harvest.



I say “It is for the best”

But I doubt the nature of my self-sacrifice like a dulled cleaver

Trying to split meat from bones

Burning through the list of ancillaries

While it roars thunder fright

And strikes lightning nigh,

I wonder why my thoughts cannot abstain

And leave her on the other side

The mirrors of my soul reflect

On the countless “I love you”s

And the inglorious moments of the cold hearth

Where once smiles were simmering


The tears well up in the wake of the tempest



Nothing good comes easy

And yeah

Life sucks

Drawing inspiration from ghosts I have tried to banish

Moved into the storeroom where all broken things go

But here I am

Train wrecked

Standing at the verge

Feeling alone

But then




I am dizzy


Of all that I have lost and the worst of lucks

I cannot vanish

Miraculously the tears do not flow

I grab hold of the pram

Holding my beautiful blue babies of my star trek

Despairs submerge

And Vulcan logic sudden

Becomes lucid with alphanumeric phosphorescence.



Sleep beckons

Deep journeys twenty thousand leagues under the ocean

Steep cliff faces

For the condors and king raptors

Floors of lush grass for the sheep frolicking

Doors opened by hands skeletal

While she closes hers shut

Bile jaundices my eyes

Sterile but not malignant

Alliterating my fluctuations of thought while

Perambulating the far reaches of the universe yet

Bifurcating the black hole of apocalypse

In the hour of poetry

And yet

Here I am

Staring at my phone screen


© Sena Frost 2k16