Sphinx 3D Art by Jake Burstein image courtesy zbrushtuts.com   Foreboding entity Ancient and brooding Wisdom in antiquated gravity The perennial riddler Perched on the threshold between being and nothing Before you there can be no fiddler. Spin me your intricate webs Silken yarns of the world Woven from the legends of the unknown Illumine In […]

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Leroy Neiman – Rocky III, image courtesy Google Images ​ Gladiators in the colosseum Dancing across the square foot arena Shuffling Death dealing blows travel at formula 1 speeds To  Ducking and weaving With  Surreal grace While Muscle driven sledgehammer blows Thud against concrete will And ephemeral temples Bathed in the golden glow  Perspiring courage […]

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image courtesy hot-metal.net   Dunk me into the water Under the crystalline depths Between life and death I am born anew. Take it all The pain The regret The sorrow The depression The scarlet cloak of sin. I am drenched in blood which is not mine The burden of a life I was not supposed […]

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I Do Not Want To Be Here

image courtesy twitter.com   I was a king I lived a life of gold I was a servant Living a life of servitude An eternal gratitude to men who still saw me as king, I am a son of the sun Who the gods saw fit to give skin to drink in and not be […]

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The Frost Epic

​The wind whistles Ruffling his t shirt Not too large But enough to show off his boyish frame A head and half taller than most A giant But still pretty much Man. I listened to the wind keening a little more Then thrust one foot forward The next And fell into my usual gait A […]

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