Twenty-Five to Life

I He woke up to the rumbling of his phone. He pinched it out from under the covers. It was jammed from the flurry of missed calls and generic well-wishes. Oh yeah, He remembered. It was his birthday. II He dressed up and hurried for work. It always took him 30 minutes to get to […]

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Untitled #4

image courtesy He smiled ruefully Even as the wind wrestled the paper bag in his hand He let it go bashfully And the bag billowed away over the land. He stood on the cusp Swallowed by his thoughts The silence broken only by tinny sounds from the earpieces nestled in his ears’ clasp. The […]

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The Sea and The Wind 

​image courtesy Google Images  Turbulent seas Under winds whipping Storms passionate Ships wreak Between tides Drowns intimately Fishes warble In the sailor’s silent screams  As he is dragged into Davy Jones’ locker Oyster pearls marble  In the mermaid’s dreams  In the darkness the ocean is mucker The sea The Fisher’s net Caught us pure In […]

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