Peering into your infinite darkness Wanderers orbiting in perpetuity Nebulae of desire swirling in absolute obliqueness To  Birthing stars of passion  Lightyears away  From  Atoms of elements committed to the big secret  Unlocked by the spectacular haze of going supernova Constellations are wrought In  The curves of the comet sling-shooting round your Obsidian  Infinity ever […]

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Attention Deficit

image courtesy of   Sirens wailing Blue and red flashing Photo-epileptic seizures fit in The slow wail rising in tempo As voices speak Gunshots crack Whip tip moving at hypersonic speeds Brakes squeal Tyres screech In the din of the moment He breathes “I don’t want to die”   © Sena Frost 2k16  

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Onomatopoeia and Death

  image courtesy   Drip drip, The tap goes. Echoing in the silence, Reverberating off the walls. A knife, Slashing through butter. Drip drip, The tap goes, Highlighting the gloom. Reminding me of the doom, That I brought on myself, The day I refused to be your groom. Drip drip, The tap goes, Little drops, […]

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