Ley Lines

Ley lines Crisscrossing Paths interconnecting Weaving Just points on the map For the next adventures Always ending Forever beginning Harbingers of death Messengers of life Rivers of stranger things and people borne on strips of basalt black. Coming into view Receding into the beyond But They always come Full circle © Sena Frost 2k16  

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My Memories of You

image courtesy google.com   My memories of you Are Sigils carved into my mind Chains wrought in the fires of time Clinking. Sights and sounds to happen nevermore On replay Stacked forevermore Until I can no longer remember Because senescence Decays my brilliance collected over time. You live on in me You Born of fire […]

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Seat of Power

    Cold Arbitrary Rations culled From War-induced famines. Undeniable logic precedes the viewpoint of Life At a tangent Never circumventing Reason.   Violent empathy Brooding spores Of Social conflict Based on Interests Which propagate self either In Excess or deficiency Full of parabolic extremes Nurtured by nature taking Flight While showing fight.   Meninges […]

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