Let Us Rant

Angry Hulk – image courtesy google images

Let us rant and rage

On how the world is a cruel and unfair place

Yet we feed scraps to the dogs who love us so much.


Let us break down the walls

So we can put up new ones to show that we are also dominant

Despite the crevasse between our legs.


Let us pretend

The law of the sea does not preserve you

While nature continually tips the scales in your favour.


Let us include everyone

And tell them their choices count

But fail to mention that the process is prone to miscalculation and tons of red tape.


Let us say all lives matter

But remember our inclusion is graded

By the complexion of our skin.


Let us celebrate ourselves only

And put the things that let us be whistled to first

Like the dogs they named us after.


Let us mourn the death of a few

And drape monuments in sovereignty

But watch on as nations rip their bowels apart by the seeds we planted in them.


Let us pray to their god

And lap up their history

Because they will always be right while our origins hide in plain sight.


Let us promote freedom of choice

But wail when the freedom curtails our choice

Because everyone has a voice.


Let us be each other’s keeper

And bleed those not with us dry

So we can erect beautiful epitaphs to them with the money which would have kept them alive.


Let us pity

And not move a finger to help

While we pray that someone’s heart be touched to save them.


Let us say we are the sons of the sun

And eclipse those in the darkness

Because light belongs to light.


Let us pretend they knew God first

And we are pagan

Even though they are the unclean ones amongst us.


Let us kowtow to the belief

That propagates the ultimate self interest

And be condemned as evil when we reflect shades of that.


Let us listen

Before we speak

And understand so we do not destroy.


Let us all be equal

Even though some of us will be more equal than others

And that is fine because we will them our power.


Let the powers that be tell us

That we neglect ourselves in our squalor

While they dine and sleep in the beds of an erstwhile oppressor.


Let us put guns in the hands of the suppressed

So that they pursue their vendetta

And we pick their pockets while they are not looking.


Let us do this

And let us do that

But the truth is we never left the wild behind.


Let us be immortal in the work we leave behind

Since we are probably on a one-way ticket out of here

We will only be celebrated when we are dead.


Let us pretend freedom is not chaos

And equilibrium is never achieved with equal measure

And rules are the height of perfection.


Let us not do as we please

Because when we do

The fires of hell wait to claim us for all eternity.


© Sena Frost 2k16


Kwaku Ananse

ananse ntentan – image courtesy google images  


Cunning one

The one with eight arms

The land’s wily octopod


The trickster himself

Of whom legends are told in blazes of orange tinted black



Oh arachnidan god

He who makes his home between the tusks of the mighty elephant

He who makes a mockery of the birds by traveling the winds on his silk spun webs

Teacher of weavers

The clothier of kings

And the possessor of the sky god’s stories


Keeper of all folklore

God of secrets

Dribbled down from the lips of Nyame himself

Myths of their own forte

And you

You champion intellect to no end



Your mischief knows no bounds

What you lack in strength you have built in mental acuity

Conniving and Machiavellian

You broker Faustian deals like Sasabonsam himself

Your hubris however has always lain in your brood




Anthropomorphous man

Graced with razor sharp humour

Which you use to drain your enemies dry

You go by many aliases; Aunt Nancy, Nanzi, Anansi

But I acknowledge you by your one true name

Kwaku Ananse


© Sena Frost 2k16