Kwaku Ananse

ananse ntentan – image courtesy google images  


Cunning one

The one with eight arms

The land’s wily octopod


The trickster himself

Of whom legends are told in blazes of orange tinted black



Oh arachnidan god

He who makes his home between the tusks of the mighty elephant

He who makes a mockery of the birds by traveling the winds on his silk spun webs

Teacher of weavers

The clothier of kings

And the possessor of the sky god’s stories


Keeper of all folklore

God of secrets

Dribbled down from the lips of Nyame himself

Myths of their own forte

And you

You champion intellect to no end



Your mischief knows no bounds

What you lack in strength you have built in mental acuity

Conniving and Machiavellian

You broker Faustian deals like Sasabonsam himself

Your hubris however has always lain in your brood




Anthropomorphous man

Graced with razor sharp humour

Which you use to drain your enemies dry

You go by many aliases; Aunt Nancy, Nanzi, Anansi

But I acknowledge you by your one true name

Kwaku Ananse


© Sena Frost 2k16

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