Writer’s Note

5 years ago I started blogging my poetry without a single clue as to what I was doing. Now with 141 posts, 6115 views and 3660 visitors later I am awed and humbled at your response to my page.

It has however reached the point where I have little left in the tank after 9 years of steady writing. I feel a little weary. Nonetheless it is with a heavy heart that I make this little announcement.

I’m going on an indefinite break from poetry and related activities. I do not know how long it would take; maybe I’ll change my mind in a jiffy hehe. For now however I’m taking a break to recharge my batteries and focus on other projects I am working on in my life. Hopefully I should be back before long.

I leave you with this.

Write like your life depends on it. Write for you so others will be compelled to read your stories. Write what you see and hear and taste and feel and think. It will be yours wholly, through and true. That has been my story these past few years.

See you soon.

Yours Truly,

Sena Frost