Have I ever told you your eyes glint when you’re hungry? When you bite your lips and fidget nervously It never fails to surprise me You look like a child right before a tantrum All cuddly and cute and all sorts of intense A starved teddy-bear ready to ravage anything and everything in its […]

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Two Little Boys

Some bonds are forged over time
Some bonds are nurtured slowly
Then there are bonds made by blood and made stronger by kin.
This is the bond of two little boys made in life and kinship.

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White Raven

Cawing Perched in the rafters Keen eyes watching Always watching After all you’re the messenger of the All Father At least to some You’re just a trouble maker Warmonger Uncomfortable with any truth that is not yours. Harbinger of death Omen of ill fortune You soar the skies Harassing the kites Harrying the eagles even […]

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