Have I ever told you your eyes glint when you’re hungry?

When you bite your lips and fidget nervously

It never fails to surprise me

You look like a child right before a tantrum

All cuddly and cute and all sorts of intense

A starved teddy-bear ready to ravage anything and everything in its path.


Did you know you leave flowers in your wake?

When your hand slinks in mine as we take a walk

It always begins awkwardly 

Then our hands do the thing and fit in each other


See you smiling

That’s the flower I’m talking about.


Did I tell you that you sleep like a statue?

Perfectly carved in stillness


Hewn from the wood of Father’s own likeness


Touched with the graceful tendrils of gold

A flower in a field

Swaying rhythmically

A metronome of beauty

Beautifully timed to your steady breathing.


You are so beautiful when you wake.

Your elegance is in the tousled locks of hair that frame the lustrous sheen of your high forehead adorning the pearly orbs of your eyes

And your succulent garnet lips which demand a good morning kiss

Stolen just as you rise from the couple of the sleep lover into the fragrant day rise.


I am aware of your being in the dark

I am intimate with the shape of you

I draw your outlines in the furore of chaos

And you stand out


I imagine you in the light

Hallucinations wrought by the soporific daze that is you

Overwhelming my senses

I’m high

With the thought of you.


I know your little details

The scars patterning your legs

The slant of your eyes when you smile

The wrinkle thing your nose does

When you furrow your brow in concentration

Or giggle unashamedly

Wiggling like a bauble in the hands of a toddler

Your occasional prattle

When your voice jingles in my brain

And your uncomfortable steely silence

Where nothing creases your impassive face.

I am familiar with you

In spirit and in being

Feeling your heart throb as you touch mine

We are made of the God-stuff

On the cosmic plain where the lines blur

And planes shift

And bodies cascade in chocolate resplendence

As stars fall and galaxies collide

As our minds meld

Forming black holes and leaving nebulae in our wake.


hand in hand, image courtesy google images

© Sena Frost ‘17



Two Little Boys

​Two little boys watching the world race by

Watching hills grow and suns rise

Catching wanderlust for the first time

Two little boys full of colour and personality

One red one yellow

Colourcoded and sacrosanct in possession 

Two little boys peering into a catalogue 

Imagining a future filled with toys

Fuelling an imagination without limits

Two little boys running the streets and alleyways

With new cars in tow 

Hoods smashed open to make “open top” cars

Two little boys sharing a love for reading

Plying voyages printed in the pages of a book

Opening their minds to a world in the past, future and present

Two little boys taking everything apart

Putting them back together but hardly ever getting them to work

And then hailing because they found a spark

Two little boys ever so restless

Roaming the territory

Sharing a bicycle and with a dog in tow

Two little boys fighting

One doing what the other cannot

So different yet so similar

Two little boys on the ride back home

Cramped into too-small seats

Yet filled with the pride of men grown 

Two little boys who never grew up

Even if they are no longer little boys

Reliving the days of future past

Where men were gods

And they were watching the world race by

Watching hills grow and suns rise

Catching wanderlust for the first time

© Sena Frost ‘17

White Raven


Perched in the rafters

Keen eyes watching

Always watching

After all you’re the messenger of the All Father

At least to some

You’re just a trouble maker


Uncomfortable with any truth that is not yours.
Harbinger of death

Omen of ill fortune

You soar the skies

Harassing the kites

Harrying the eagles even

Mob justice at its finest

When you steal kills

And tell stories of a hunt you never made.
You preen golden feathers from your plumage

Dancing in scarlet blood

When you proclaim judgement on carrion

Preaching injustice and prejudice

Sowing discord and reaping chaos

Carry on!

Douse yourself with dust.
Mock the jays

Rob the cocks

Stab the robins

Swallow the sparrows

Clean up with the bustards and buzzards

Unwanted one

Not fit for anything but gossip.
You see nothing good

Except for you

At least your brethren do not hide themselves in their inky blackness

Your magpie cousins love the shiny things

But you?

You stand out in full colour

You’re an apostate

Conspicuous in the harangue of your self proclaimed enlightenment.
Your duty to religion will be the death of you

It snows not here

And while you glide the thermals for the latest gossip

Some trigger happy kid will shoot you out of the sky with a sling

His daddy will stuff you and put you in a display case for quick cash

You’re your own ill omen

Life is the harbinger of your doom

False prophet

Freak of nature!

Be consumed by your own lies

Oh one more thing

Next time be born black.


image courtesy @archillects on twitter
© sena frost ’17