Careful, Son

This is inspired by some early morning banter by friends. I tried to keep it real. Fugly Mofos, thanks!

Careful son
Don’t come at me like you mad at yo daddy
I am yo pappy
Come here son
Smoke some poppy
Lemme tell you something son
The world holds no favours
Come see conquer
Get yo own chocolate factory Willy Wonka
Give it away cos life ain’t about riches
Don’t give it away
Stay away from them bitches
Careful son
If you lay with dogs you rise with fleas
Scrub yo self and wear some fleece
A hater see you he flees
Scared of yo shadow
They freeze
Envy begets lust
Lust gonna dig you a grave like vengeance
Leave it to the Lord
No occult séance
Rest in knowledge like science
Just keep yo head down son
You don’t need nobody
Either they support or you rise alone
Yo friends ain’t yo friends if they can’t be real
Bring you in like fish on a reel
When you going wrong
If they only witchu when you get yo money
Then you need new friends
Fuck day 1
If they don’t help yo one day
Drop them on the wrong side of the one way
Get high like steam
Pushing that locomotive
They see you they go choo choo
You ain’t stopping
Cos the night train rides for the right brain
Careful son
Don’t look down on yo self
Just remember
You ain’t no god
All men must die
Valar Morghulis
Build yo castle
Raise the portcullis
Be modern
Work medieval
That means long tables and laughter throughout the night
Don’t do little and talk more
Be a giver
Ready to take somebody outta fright
Don’t do it for fame
Not riches
Do it cos it right and you loves what  you do
Not for bants or nothing else
People gonna come for you
Yes men
Oliver Twist
Leeches that wanna drink yo blood
Let them taste nothing but yo success
When they come to you
Let them talk about how you opened their minds not their breeches
Sealed the breaches
Showed them love not bitches
I love you son
I always gotchu
Stay strong
Stay bold
And when yo can’t go on no more?
Sink on your knees and pray
Rise like the sun
Be good
Be God
Be careful son

© sena frost ‘17
Father & son
Image courtesy google images


Pygmy on a Giraffe

I am a Pygmy riding a giraffe with a nose ring in the polar straits of Antarctica
Yes it's true I defecate gold
Shiny ingots filling the toilet bowl
I only do that after I have taken a sip of tea in my favourite dadesen which I use to brew my apio
Which incidentally I store in Voltic bottles labelled as "Holy Water"
You can ascertain its purity for yourself as we discuss the chaos that is today's inflated market
By the way I own an agouti which eats only lion meat
If you care to know the meat is brought in by specially trained ladybugs which do the killing and preparation l
It's strange you'd think that's absurd
Because my Inuit wife's mother's great grand cousin twice removed on his father's side lives in an igloo in the heart of the Serengeti
My house was constructed from the fermented dung of a spider in labour
I can confidently discuss the Darwinian theories of evolution as we relax in my jacuzzi built from the salivary glands of the mosquitoes that inhabit the peaks of the Everest
I am a man of the most logical things
I thus find it very insulting that you would call my notions and living conditions as far fetched and anecdotal
After all a man with a toupee is a star spangled reflection

© sena frost '17

Pygmy on a Giraffe digital art courtesy kofidagher