Pygmy on a Giraffe

I am a Pygmy riding a giraffe with a nose ring in the polar straits of Antarctica
Yes it's true I defecate gold
Shiny ingots filling the toilet bowl
I only do that after I have taken a sip of tea in my favourite dadesen which I use to brew my apio
Which incidentally I store in Voltic bottles labelled as "Holy Water"
You can ascertain its purity for yourself as we discuss the chaos that is today's inflated market
By the way I own an agouti which eats only lion meat
If you care to know the meat is brought in by specially trained ladybugs which do the killing and preparation l
It's strange you'd think that's absurd
Because my Inuit wife's mother's great grand cousin twice removed on his father's side lives in an igloo in the heart of the Serengeti
My house was constructed from the fermented dung of a spider in labour
I can confidently discuss the Darwinian theories of evolution as we relax in my jacuzzi built from the salivary glands of the mosquitoes that inhabit the peaks of the Everest
I am a man of the most logical things
I thus find it very insulting that you would call my notions and living conditions as far fetched and anecdotal
After all a man with a toupee is a star spangled reflection

© sena frost '17

Pygmy on a Giraffe digital art courtesy kofidagher


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