2011: The Back Story

This is the back story to the poem 2011. Please read and enjoy this work of fiction.

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Your skin like burnished coal Warm to the feel I wanna touch Let my hands wander down The doll body Peeling back the clothes Revealing you Lithe and live And nubile and unsullied To make my plaything A toy for the black days Where we wrap each other Under the weather Your body on mine […]

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I’m in Marvin’s room Sitting by the ‘phone Just staring at them blowing a ‘shroom The click of the keyring before the dial tone Rings loudly The phone I pick it up Cradling my cup set full of Rosé “Talk to me Please say something” She breathes on the other side of the line “I […]

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We are hedonists all the time Indulging in the pleasures we have not worked for We spend long hours in a drunken state of self But we don’t want the sickly hangover that comes after We revel in the joy of youth Bathing in its elixir But we don’t want the pain that comes with […]

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