Cardinal Evils

Ɖeka –  Gluttony


Because I have you,

I will use you however I like

I’ll be damned if I must share with anybody else

You are mine

It’s that simple


Eve – lust

I long for you

You who put desire within my loins

swelling with carnal energy

I need not hide my desire

Why should I?

When all I want is you



Etɔ̃ Greed

You are not enough

I must have more of you

I will gather all the parts of you scattered into the wind

Because I need to have you


Ene – Pride

I have you.

Why should I have to settle for anything less?

Why should I give you away for anyone who needs you more?

I am better than them

I am the greater good

I deserve the best



Atɔ̃ Envy


Why do you have the best and not me?

I don’t understand

Am I not good enough to have the best?

When clearly you would fit me better?



Ade – Wrath

I don’t care if someone else has you

I will take you, and I will kill anyone who attempts to try saving you

Even if you are the one trying to save yourself

If I cannot have you no one else will




Who works after having the best?

You are here forever

I have all the time in the world

There is no hurry

There is always tomorrow



Enyi – Condemnation

I am in darkness

Host for the seven evils

Feeding off my sin

My mortal imperfection

Makes me prone to the Cardinal Evil

I should be dead before the day is done

Consumed by nightfall

I will not be forgiven

This I know

 I am in the lowest depths of Tartarus

A slave to my own Inferno

I burn

In the flames that do not purify

All hope is abandoned

And in my hell

A voice whispers to me

“But I AM”


Botticelli’s Map of Dante’s inferno – courtesy google images

© Sena Frost – ‘17