See this life no get formula I no go lie you Ibi beans ankasa Them say make you go school then mow hard Then go uni You fini then do your service aa them go see whassup for you You de mine You no de do them things the other boys de do sake of […]

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This Is The Greatest Show

Inspired by the movie “The Greatest Showman”. Image courtesy Google images Ladies and gentlemen! For one night only Come experience the thrills and wonders of the greatest show on earth Wonderful one moment Mundane the next A roller coaster of hope, expectations and disappointment Witness the apex of winning The gravity defying stunts of success […]

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Happily Ever After

You are everything I thought and more You’re the best part of the lore I am attracted by your pure lure Let’s run all over this paradise and explore And even if trouble sneaks in I implore Let’s not be dour Show it the door So our love can roar Today and forever more ~Beebe […]

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Vanilla Man

Vanilla man He sits uncomfortably at the bar Sipping on his water The music reveberates through the club He feels like a sore thumb Oh vanilla man among exotic flavours Vanilla man He really wishes he could go far But this is a big matter He is here with friends who promise to make him […]

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Remind Me

Remind me Of the time before we were lovers Of spa mornings And weed evenings Sexual afternoons spent panting on a rickety bed groaning the rhythms of a promised love to the crickety whispers of a blown out fan Remind me of Warm weather beaches Of the longing To tug on the strings of your […]

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The Legend of the Game Papa Part 1

This is for all retired game papas and game centre veterans. And for us watchers who never touched a pad till much later in life “GOOOAAAAAALLLL” The tinny voices screeched at the back of the classroom. Suddenly there was a collective gasp. Mr. Mensah’s head craned around the classroom door. “Who are those? Show yourselves!” […]

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