This Is The Greatest Show

Inspired by the movie “The Greatest Showman”. Image courtesy Google images

Ladies and gentlemen!

For one night only

Come experience the thrills and wonders of the greatest show on earth

Wonderful one moment

Mundane the next

A roller coaster of hope, expectations and disappointment

Witness the apex of winning

The gravity defying stunts of success

And the crushing nadir of defeat

Taking you to the lowest of lows

The testosterone charged moments of arguments

Live the accomplishments of intellectual discourse

The fulfilments of relationships

Run away to the circus

Contemplate the mysteries of life

Walk the straight and narrow

Cruise down the broad path to destruction

The choice is all yours

Rise from the bottom

Stay with the silver spoon in your mouth

In this show are all the things you’ll ever want

All the stuff you never needed to be

Stranger than fiction

Truer than thought

Like a dream

Where the impossible comes true

You can be what you want to be

Or nothing at all!

We offer no redos

No refunds!

Maybe a deja vu

You’re the cast!

The audience!

And the crew all in one

Come now

Come all

Come witness the unstoppable splendour of this spectacle.

It’s fun!

It’s freedom!

It’s unscripted!

It is epic!

It is you!

It is life!

You were made for this!

Take a front seat

Prepare to be entertained

For nobody knows what comes next!

Indeed this is the greatest show!

©️ Sena Frost 2018


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