I reopened old wounds today

Sitting right across from you

I think after all this time there is still a price to pay

Sitting in the silence through and through

Going through a box of memories I shouldn’t have opened


The sunlight draws a little halo around your hair

It was a day like this


I still remember the way you looked at me

Dark curious eyes

You look well

You have always been picture perfect

Even with the rainstorm down your cheeks

Leaving mascara trails in their wake

I still cringe a little whenever your favourite TV show comes on

Or an errant picture of us shows when I trawl through time

I guess

The wound runs deep

And you blur steadily away


The peals of your laughter jingle in my ears

Fluid and expressive

The echoes of our conversations crashing down a distant shore

A tidal wave of regret washes afresh

The dam bursts

And all I can hear is the howl of your pain

I always skip to the next song whenever our song comes up

Except when it’s on the radio

Then I endure the torture

Because I am not the one in the driver’s seat


A whiff of your favourite perfume

The aroma of your favourite food

Tickling my palate

Rousing my indiscretion

I sneeze

Trying to shake it off

It’s not my fault if it brings me to tears every time

To think I still have not forgotten

Even after all this while

Is the acrid odour of formaldehyde

Embalming the pain forever and ever


Like mangoes and wild berries

The taste of your love on my tongue

I gulp and swallow

Mouthful after mouthful

The bitter angst

I cannot hold it down anymore

The flavour of our end

I retch

The dam bursts

A torrent of truly vile bile


When you hug me from behind

I feel the warmth spreading

Across my chest

Settling in my stomach

Between my thighs

I remember the nights spent

Laying skin to skin

In the pool of our lovemaking sweat

Our spiritual signatures

Resonating through our genitals

An orgasm of chaos and misery

A climax of what we were

Once upon a time


Walking in tandem with you

Parallel lines

Side by side

Never converging

So close

But so far away

I may feel something

For you

A void of nothingness

Where everything used to be

I remember you

Like a wound cut deep

There was a time I was whole

Now there is a hole

The scar aches and tingles

And I lose sleep sometimes

But with each passing day

I heal a little

Time sutures it shut

I forget a little at a time

The box of memories burn

And with it my perception


I no longer give in at the thought of you

I am purged

I open at the close

©️ Sena Frost ’18

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