Untitled 14

Did you know This was the last time you were going to hear my voice Husky and passionate and serenading you Did you know This was the last time we lay side by side Your hand against my cheek Breathing in my scent Did you know That the door you shut on me was the […]

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Untitled 13

Grey A love child born out of wedlock to Absolutes Amoral and neutral An inert mixture Of Thoughts and desires and norms and principles and knowledge of good and evil A potpourri of logic and opinion Jostling for relevance An adjucation of light and dark An anti-hero A maledictory protagonist With a sword of justice […]

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Untitled 12

Icons are nifty little things aren’t they? Doorways to entire worlds Statements of belief Simply A manifestation of a will to connect Now here’s what happens at the tap of an icon At the tap of an icon Empires rise and fall Civilizations racing to a pinnacle and tumbling down like a dropped ball Changing […]

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Untitled 11

The orphan boy Who had no one to look up to Used his own spirit as a buoy He forged his own path in the fierce undertow Of the current of same The orphan boy Who did not belong Did not long To be like his fathers before him To hang onto their coattails A […]

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