The Fall of Lucifer: Making the Devil

This is a poetic account of the fall of Lucifer Morningstar and his subsequent rebirth as Satan

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The pain I feel Because I never want you to feel the Pain I feel You feel the pain I never want you to feel the pain I Feel because You feel Pain The joy that I share with you because You feel joy And so I Feel Joy The joy that you feel because […]

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Killing the Night Owl

You come on cloud tufted wings Head turned almost all the way round; an incomplete clockwork Anti retrograde Your large eyes are agog Reflecting the light not seen by those who have long given in to sleep You come on cloud tufted wings Soaring among rats Scouring for mice Sometimes a screech gives you away […]

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See this life no get formula I no go lie you Ibi beans ankasa Them say make you go school then mow hard Then go uni You fini then do your service aa them go see whassup for you You de mine You no de do them things the other boys de do sake of […]

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This Is The Greatest Show

Inspired by the movie “The Greatest Showman”. Image courtesy Google images Ladies and gentlemen! For one night only Come experience the thrills and wonders of the greatest show on earth Wonderful one moment Mundane the next A roller coaster of hope, expectations and disappointment Witness the apex of winning The gravity defying stunts of success […]

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