Mother’s Daughter

Featuring the work of a good friend, please enjoy.
You are beautiful like your mother
Dark skin polished with shea, black locks reaching the arch of your back
Wide eyes, warm and welcoming
ample bosom bidding her loves to take rest
Your person
Yet you have the allure of gold
Calm spirit, wild fire 
Vulnerable yet concealed 
Shaped like your mother
Strong spined woman 
You grew a firmer backbone when lifes weights got heavy
And seasoned your tongue since life took away the innocence 
Hard hands from the grind
Call it adaptation 

You are strong like your mother 
The sweat beads from your forehead landing at your feet
From your toils
Don’t give up child
You are a force
Those scales around your heart were grown from the lessons 
They are part of your story
They make you who you are
Some say are aloof, uncatchable, unfathomable 
They can’t take hold of you. 
They can only see you going 
Don’t look back child
The only reason should be to make sure they were watching 

You are formed like your mother
Her substance is in you
Not for what a mere man promises with a symbols of unfading love
But for something deeper, something worthier 
A hunger for self
To taste the prowess, be filled with your dominance 
Breathe in your woman, don’t ever be ashamed of it
What kind of greatness can be unearthed from her innermost being?
Embrace your femininity 
With no form of fear, with all inhibitions withered
You are a force child
Don’t ever forget 
You are your mothers daughter 




This piece is a personal favourite. It always speaks to me; pure and unbroken

Hitlerskiss Blog

‘Ayo’ in the Yuroba language spoken in Nigeria means joy.

i hope you enjoy this piece.



Dear Ayo

You do the impossible…

To me, to you

In all that sunshine u brew

You hold my hand in yours

Making me feel so small but more….

 Way more than I counted my worth.


You look into my eyes

Where I hide every dark thing

Yet you don’t see the hurt

 Only see the light i bring  

You do things to me man cannot attempt

Creating in me a wonder of emotion and depth

My dear Ayo.

You bring me joy

Even at my end

Your love will last…. It never bends.

And just Because of u

My heart blooms at the end of each day,

I know the truth I can’t hide

And if my lips fail to betray my heart

My pen will play the part….


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The Upside of Downhill

Simply flawless

Poesy plus Polemics

(Originally posted here April 2013)

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utter freedom

time is mine

I own it

clock, stock and barrel

time to use or abuse

to ponder or squander

however I damn well please

shackles of schedules

restraints of routines

unlocked and cast off

so they can be passed off

to babies of boomers

while I take to tapping

my resource for napping



my eyelids encourage it

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