Breakfast or Late

Five minutes. That is all it took for the duration of my journey to work to change from an hour 15 minutes to two hours. I could complain about the inefficient transport system but that is a rant for another day. The reason for the delay is simple; breakfast. I have been working since I […]

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Writer’s Note

5 years ago I started blogging my poetry without a single clue as to what I was doing. Now with 141 posts, 6115 views and 3660 visitors later I am awed and humbled at your response to my page. It has however reached the point where I have little left in the tank after 9 […]

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I’ll be 25 somewhere next month. A quarter century charley. I’m no longer that young but I’m not that old either. 24 has been crazy. I learned many important lessons while I was this age. Now that I am going firmly into my mid 20s it’s only right I spill some wisdom. LOVE & RELATIONSHIPS […]

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