Unknown Soldier’s Commentary

I flew backwards The shrapnel tearing into mePin pricks And I feel the dreaded knife stabs in my knee and foot.My ears are ringing,They say it’s cos some fluid in them gets shaken up.Fucking wrong time to think of biology 101.Anyway I think “I have to move” The barbed wire is just ahead.Feel for fingers […]

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I Am A Child

I Am A Child I am invincible.I am immortal.I am hope.I am the future in the present.I am the legacy of the past.I am the world’s greatest.Because,I am a child. © Sena Kodjokuma 2014

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The Kids of Asemkow

Originally posted on Ryan Bolton.:
The kids in Ghana are full of life. In all of my travels, they are some of the most happiest, proud and beautiful kids I’ve ever met. And they love to have their photos taken as you will quickly see. I just returned from a 2 week stint photographing with…

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Thinking About You

Thinking About You If today was the last day of my life, And my mind was deluded in strife, While the poison of lead coursed through me, Finally settling in my tummy, I would think of you. If we never spoke again, And I had to be ferried across the river by a boatswain So […]

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I start and I stop And wonder why the clouds never drop And instead make my clothes flop. Raindrops prance on my roof; clip clop. Annoying chore; going mop mop mop. Chasing mud and water from the top. Little wonder rainy days are a sour sop. They leave dead leaves and nasty brown slop. And […]