Happily Ever After

You are everything I thought and more You’re the best part of the lore I am attracted by your pure lure Let’s run all over this paradise and explore And even if trouble sneaks in I implore Let’s not be dour Show it the door So our love can roar Today and forever more ~Beebe […]

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Vanilla Man

Vanilla man He sits uncomfortably at the bar Sipping on his water The music reveberates through the club He feels like a sore thumb Oh vanilla man among exotic flavours Vanilla man He really wishes he could go far But this is a big matter He is here with friends who promise to make him […]

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Remind Me

Remind me Of the time before we were lovers Of spa mornings And weed evenings Sexual afternoons spent panting on a rickety bed groaning the rhythms of a promised love to the crickety whispers of a blown out fan Remind me of Warm weather beaches Of the longing To tug on the strings of your […]

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The Legend of the Game Papa Part 1

This is for all retired game papas and game centre veterans. And for us watchers who never touched a pad till much later in life “GOOOAAAAAALLLL” The tinny voices screeched at the back of the classroom. Suddenly there was a collective gasp. Mr. Mensah’s head craned around the classroom door. “Who are those? Show yourselves!” […]

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Cardinal Evils

Ɖeka –  Gluttony   Because I have you, I will use you however I like I’ll be damned if I must share with anybody else You are mine It’s that simple   Eve – lust I long for you You who put desire within my loins swelling with carnal energy I need not hide my […]

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