Alcohol Coloured Reflections

Alcohol colored reflections

I buried you last night
In a pool of booze after the fight Light headed, tipsy already in full flight
My hands shaky with fright
This is something I must do with my might
Gotta correct this blight
Scraping the filth encrusting my eyes so I can see the light
I miss your smell; your arms holding me tight
Your broad smile and twinkling eyes; your face a runaway kite.
It’s all become deadweight
Stuff I’ll hand over to freight
Into my head I recede; may be you’ll just be a dream
And I hope everything will be alright

© Sena Kodjokuma 2013

‘Ere I am

‘ere I sought you
Aware of your bound hands
‘ere I saw you
I did a merry dance
‘ere I knew you
I saw a chance
‘ere I love you
You haunt my dreams and prance
‘ere I feel you
Your lips are the memories perchance
‘ere I sought you
In the arms of your lover
‘ere I wrested you away
Towards him you ran dapper
‘Ere I’m left alone in my thoughts
Wondering if you are a four leaf clover
Gathering moss and lichens
Never going
Yet never fading away

A stone in a field



Growing up into a man in contemporary Ghana is not an easy task, especially for a first born son in a young family. When most of your peers are middle siblings and “last babies” it can be difficult. Not having an older sibling to look up to can be frustrating. Taking the hard way into perspective I learnt to shoulder responsibility. I found motivation from an unusual source; my younger brother. His drive and stubbornness push me to come to terms with my responsibility.
I’m not one to make big decisions but society frowns on such people. Having to analyze situations and circumstances quickly and pass judgement is becoming a part of me.
Having friends who unwittingly look up to me empowers me to step up to the task at hand.
Basically if you are strong willed, believe in yourself; your capabilities and weaknesses and are able to do what is demanded of you, take pressure with a smile, and above all use your talents to push the people around you you’re well on the path to adulthood.
Adulthood describes a stage of mental and socio emotional maturity to me. Anyone can be full grown but not everyone can be an adult. Looking at young people acting overly on their emotional whims can be saddening. Being open minded about your feelings and learning to control them is a definite lack in most young people today.
Passing through fiery tests should strengthen you and break the cycle of karma. You have been blessed with God-like abilities. Be empowered to help someone who doesn’t know any better. That defines the kind of adult I want to be.
© Sena Kodjokuma 201320130501-075944.jpg

The Panther


The day I stopped hunting,
That life I be shunting
No longer filling my stores with the hides of deer and foxes,
Furs streaming across my ceiling; buntings
Emptied all my guns
Unloading cartridges
I know I’ll no longer trap partridges
Breaking their feet with the teeth of my snares
I quit being the ultimate predator
Shed my overcoat.
Bought a tractor
Traded my rifle for a cane
To totter about
And ponder about my remaining days.
I have had a successful life
But when old age enters the fray
And the bones do nought but creak and bray
I must obey him at least;
Silver haired Father Time

That’s when she came
The panther
Terrible in her beauty
Her gilded and dappled skin
Sunlight on my rotten floor
Her vivid green eyes
Full of fatal curiosity
She trod softly
A gold and onyx wraith
Marked by an ugly wound on her shoulder; my tattoo of her
Fate had drawn us together
Wound us round her bobbin
The sunlight pranced on her skin
Which I had long since coveted
My eyes glistened with fear
Nemesis was here

The one that got away
She exuded the grace and pride of feline proportions
Her scimitar teeth
Ringed her mouth
An ivory chandelier
Her pelt as liquid gold
I shuddered
In my fear
I realised
I am but a man
Without the protection of my tools
Fair prey
My hands moved together in accord;
To pray
She bundled those magnificent muscles
In a fluid leap
In that single moment I looked into those eyes
And I knew
There is a feeling about the one that got away
She’d come to haunt your dreams
Like smoke on the wind
I arched my neck
The pain; testament to my life
The wood panels splashed scarlet
Life flooded death
In a brilliant hue
In that moment
I wrenched the bullet out of her shoulder
She is beautiful
The panther
© Sena Kodjokuma 2013