So the year has finally wound down to today. Some countries may have started their celebrations early but hey, it is a new year soon. This year has been topsy-turvy (is every year not like that?). I think 2013 will stand out in the 2 decades plus of my existence so far.

People died. That is my catch phrase for this year. People died. From Mandela to Paul Walker to my mate Maxwell Essuming aka Tee Bag and the poor bank worker and Immigration officer who were murdered in their homes.

Then there are those who deliberately chose to walk out of our lives. Die to us. I went through that nasty experience. I hope I never have to go through that again.

This year had its perks as well. I met an old friend for the first time. I fulfilled an old unlikely promise. I actually taught children. (A trying experience if you ask me.)  I started blogging for real. (I wish it were mental instead of having to type down my thoughts.) I finally became a force to reckon in FIFA.

The world opened up to me. As a free world environment, it means character choices are unlimited. The great paradox of life is we live to die. The transient permanence of the past is our moth light. Some of the population go out with a whimper when they have to die. Not I. We die a thousand times and are reborn every moment. I realised there were some deaths I would not die. Even when the other party forced my hand as happened this year I refused to roll over and die quietly.

I realise I have my beliefs and philosophies about how my life should be lived. These came to the fore time and time again. It was a year of faith as well as frustration. Often my words seemed to contradict my actions and vice versa. I matured as a person and made new friends.

My friends, my family. Most of the time I cannot distinguish between the two groups. I lost a friend but then I made new ones. Each soul lost cannot be replaced but then there are new souls to find. My new and old friends; barmy old codgers and tenderfeet alike I say thank you for letting me into your lives. 

To the one I lost, I hope I never meet another like that again. Now and again, we need clean breaks. I guess I was part of the deadweight thrown overboard.

So there my 2013 has been a trying year. I am still here. The New Year is shrouded with moments of joy and sorrows. There are battles to fight and win. As always, strive to live in the moment. Each moment astounds you and gives it back. Happy New Year everyone. God richly bless and endow you with fortitude.