I Do Not Want To Be Here

image courtesy twitter.com   I was a king I lived a life of gold I was a servant Living a life of servitude An eternal gratitude to men who still saw me as king, I am a son of the sun Who the gods saw fit to give skin to drink in and not be […]

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And They Go…

And They Go… Here she comes, Stealing the breaths away, That of the tobacco stained giggles of the young men and the palm wine flavoured tang of the grey haired draught kings alike. Here she comes, Drawing hisses, (or is it kissing the teeth?) Of the market women and the homely maidens. So jealous yet […]

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La Semaine

French is a romantic and poetic language I appreciate. While my French is rudimentary the power of the translator cannot be understated. Please enjoy. Je suis Kosi, Je m’appelle sage et doux, Le serviteur des anciens. Je m’appelle Adzo, Je suis entraînee et zéléé, La bête noire des femmes paresseuse. Ils m’appellent Komla, La vie […]

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I Am Looking For A Wife

Papa I have come to you this morning, With my cloth around my waist and ash in my hair, Hands clasped in mourning. Papa I dreamed a dream and it was a night-mare! I dreamed that my manhood was ripped from my loins as I watched, The long tendrils of my babymaker watering the ground, […]

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DRY SEASON CHILD Dry season child, Of the clime not mild, When winds whip up mini sandstorms, Rattling trees with glee. Their leaves dancing to the ground Stripped of their verdant gloss. Dry season child, Why do you arm yourself with poles and slings? Pockets bulging with rocks Shooting down every living thing that moves, […]