Untitled 13

Grey A love child born out of wedlock to Absolutes Amoral and neutral An inert mixture Of Thoughts and desires and norms and principles and knowledge of good and evil A potpourri of logic and opinion Jostling for relevance An adjucation of light and dark An anti-hero A maledictory protagonist With a sword of justice […]

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Daughter Of Man

  Daughter of man Blessed with a bosom capped with twin peaks Emblazoned with dark tipped nipples Lancing into my mouth Jousting with the thrust of my tongue Take me up into you Take me into the place they call sin The enclave hushed up by the priests That none may speak freely of That […]

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  Or an artist to be precise. There are so many people who parade themselves as such. Just because you have a little skill at putting nice sentences together doesn’t make you a poet or drawing people to perfection an artist. Art is one of the greatest gifts God gave to man. It is a […]

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Feeling at odds with the world? Ever thought of letters to capture the mood you’re in? Are you eloquent in the expression of unspoken word? Bright sparks in that dank inn? The one you call your mind? Does the beauty of your body send you into throes of ecstasy? A dopamine rush perhaps? You looking […]

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My tango with art

  Art is a curiosity to me. That said I started art out of curiosity rather than necessity. I was a science freak. I wanted to be a veterinarian when I grew up. The natural world is a place full of wonder. My issue? I made good drawings. Not extraordinary but good. I read about […]

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Judith; nudes and the Ghanaian

The nude in contemporary African art is subject to polarizing views and controversies. From when African people have been described as people of few clothes till now where lesser clothes spark controversy the nude has been at its epicenter. Our various cultures see little wrong with a woman showing off her body as seen in […]

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