The Legend of the Game Papa Part 1

This is for all retired game papas and game centre veterans. And for us watchers who never touched a pad till much later in life “GOOOAAAAAALLLL” The tinny voices screeched at the back of the classroom. Suddenly there was a collective gasp. Mr. Mensah’s head craned around the classroom door. “Who are those? Show yourselves!” […]

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Mental Blues

“Cudjoe! Cudjoe! Wake up!” I heard the voice from far away. Then I felt my body rising and my feet planted to the ground. Half asleep I was marched to the bathroom. Still groggy I was placed on the toilet seat. I did my thing. Next up the bath. Now that got me wide awake. […]

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Little Dreamer Boy

Little dreamer boy Your mind oddly big Forever afloat; a buoy Your flights of imagination are unparalleled. Little dreamer boy Wake up! The classroom is not for sleep But to learn the secrets of the world. Fuel for diving into the deep. Little dreamer boy Read and read For knowledge is the sharpest blade you […]

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DRY SEASON CHILD Dry season child, Of the clime not mild, When winds whip up mini sandstorms, Rattling trees with glee. Their leaves dancing to the ground Stripped of their verdant gloss. Dry season child, Why do you arm yourself with poles and slings? Pockets bulging with rocks Shooting down every living thing that moves, […]