i. My eyes flick open In the darkness I lay there Listening to the sounds The guttural whine of stomachs emptying The grindstone whirs Muscled into Revolutions per minute Gyrating to Steady kinetic energy Centrifuging From the thoughts Of The makers   ii. the day sparks into being being alive maybe it’s just a dream […]

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Just for the record I am a heterosexual man. I however believe that homosexual people also have basic human rights. Homophobia is a canker worse than racism. Please enjoy the read. SINGULARITY The dictionaries say one of the meanings of singularity is “a trait marking one as distinct from others; a peculiarity.” I snorted in […]

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Glenn: a lesson well taught

“When a good thing goes bad it’s not the end of the world, it’s just the end of a world” – Drake, Doing It Wrong 7th January 2011, I’ll never forget that night. That night a friend passed away. My former class and housemate. Not a close friend but his passing rocked me to my […]

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