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Did you know This was the last time you were going to hear my voice Husky and passionate and serenading you Did you know This was the last time we lay side by side Your hand against my cheek Breathing in my scent Did you know That the door you shut on me was the […]

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I reopened old wounds today Sitting right across from you I think after all this time there is still a price to pay Sitting in the silence through and through Going through a box of memories I shouldn’t have opened SIGHT The sunlight draws a little halo around your hair It was a day like […]



I have lived a thousand lives I have felt a thousand times But nothing ever quite prepares me for the stink of fear It is a truly evil miasma of unguarded thoughts and responses It pervades my nostrils Seeps into my pores Pollen floating free Makes my very skin crawl A virulent rash It stains […]

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The pain I feel Because I never want you to feel the Pain I feel You feel the pain I never want you to feel the pain I Feel because You feel Pain The joy that I share with you because You feel joy And so I Feel Joy The joy that you feel because […]

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Feeling at odds with the world? Ever thought of letters to capture the mood you’re in? Are you eloquent in the expression of unspoken word? Bright sparks in that dank inn? The one you call your mind? Does the beauty of your body send you into throes of ecstasy? A dopamine rush perhaps? You looking […]

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Listening Room

The lonely notes of the harmonica fall softly, Interspersed with the twinge of the flute, Mournful in their slow dance. The scratchy piano wails to the throb of the drum, The hum drum of desire slowly mounting, Steadily sure-footed up this mountain. The hush, Then the breathy tunes of the singer, The conversation premeditated, The […]

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