I am

The cardinal of the air

Ruler of the Seventh House

Lover of the finer things

Lord of the element of freedom

I am

The lustful draught of breath sucked from a lover’s lungs

The filled spaces of an empty room

I am the sigil of balance

Scales tipping every now and then

Exotically sensual

Anecdotally factual

A sensorium of cleansing

I am

The blackest white

The clearest night

A knight not

Just a savvy parlay-man

I am

Nought but man

And yet in me

God gives.

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© Sena Frost ’17


Daughter Of Man


Daughter of man

Blessed with a bosom capped with twin peaks

Emblazoned with dark tipped nipples

Lancing into my mouth

Jousting with the thrust of my tongue

Take me up into you
Take me into the place they call sin

The enclave hushed up by the priests

That none may speak freely of

That place

Where kings shorn themselves of their crowns

Take me into the place

Where Samson gave away his strength

Envelop me with your nether lips

That warm embrace the hedonist never forgets


Daughter of man

Blessed with a derriere so bountiful

Juggled by the sway of your hips

Lay me on your altar of gold

Pierce me with the dagger of your eyes

Wash me with the taste of your lips

Even as the fire of my loins burns

Erecting the tower of my pride

Babel reaching for the stars

Despite the flush of my cheeks

Teach me the ways of your castle

That I may lay my life down to defend it


Daughter of man

Adorned in the skin of the bronzed sands

Touched with the obsidian of the night

Caressed with the haze of a snowstorm

Let me into your infinite wetness

The ocean pacific of sweet loving

Animate my desire in your well of creation

So I can unlock the secrets of life

Hidden within the palaces of pleasure welled up in you


Daughter of man

Allow me to rappel those twin peaks

So I may embrace their dark tipped cupolas

Winding down like an acrobat

Let me overturn your mound

Tending the sweet spot

Of pleasure tendrils convulsing the cradle that is your body

In the throbbing of my need

Or the unwound coils of your want

In night or day

In the beginning and forever more

And at the height of our pleasure

We become like



© Sena Frost 2k17

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The Sea and The Wind 

image courtesy Google Images 

Turbulent seas

Under winds whipping

Storms passionate
Ships wreak

Between tides

Drowns intimately
Fishes warble

In the sailor’s silent screams 

As he is dragged into Davy Jones’ locker

Oyster pearls marble 

In the mermaid’s dreams 

In the darkness the ocean is mucker
The sea

The Fisher’s net

Caught us pure

In the Bermuda. 

Glistening sand

Beneath the wavy waters

Draws in it

The thing we so wonder
Seabirds bring good tidings 

And I look through my spyglass 

Land; you

The sextant parallel with your beautiful breasts,

Right where the wave crests

Your hair lush

Adorned with the smile of tropical flowers 

None broader than the grin of your lips
He that was moulded from pure beach sand. 

Prefect but flawed. 

Says his lover is the sea. 

Feast your eyes

On the hollow between my temples

Let me tease you

With the smile you so adore
She that was moulded from salt and sea spray

Says her lover is the land

Kiss me so gently 

In the hollow of my neck

Let me tease you with the smile you so adore.
©Sena Frost & Beebe Brako

20:11 GMT, 02-09-2016

At Sea

Young girl by boat – Santo de Vita


This the story of a man and his muse

Who went out to sea in a squall

Among the slapping waves a cruise


They sailed out in a dinghy

He the habitual drunkard

Eternally under the soporific influence of emotions.


She the reality transient

Slipping in and out of his memories

With small naked feet.


The little dinghy

Plimsolled in a bright red line

With her dusky white hull.


They crested the waves

Listening to the thunder clapping

All the while the rain kissing them.


Jaunting steadily over each mountain of water

He looked her in the eye

Her smile did not falter.


The wind tossed her tresses

And she slipped out of her rain sopped clothes

Bronzed; a goddess.


The poor fellow gaped

As she walked right through his mind like she was always wont to do

Into the beyond.


The wind howled

The sails flapped

And the waves crashed!


Oh what a nightmarish din!

But she held her own

The brave little boat.


His muse faded into the gray sea

And the ocean chucked spray into his eyes

But he was not there.


He saw her

A bright light glowing

His siren.


Haunted by the memories

He followed her footsteps

Tracked into the library of his memoirs.


The little dinghy lifted high into the sky

Was illuminated by a thread of lightning

And was swallowed by the glow.


All that remained after the storm

Was a piece of driftwood

Plimsolled in a bright red line.





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© Sena Frost 2k16