Killing the Night Owl

You come on cloud tufted wings Head turned almost all the way round; an incomplete clockwork Anti retrograde Your large eyes are agog Reflecting the light not seen by those who have long given in to sleep You come on cloud tufted wings Soaring among rats Scouring for mice Sometimes a screech gives you away […]

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I am The cardinal of the air Ruler of the Seventh House Lover of the finer things Lord of the element of freedom I am The lustful draught of breath sucked from a lover’s lungs The filled spaces of an empty room I am the sigil of balance Scales tipping every now and then Exotically […]

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Daughter Of Man

  Daughter of man Blessed with a bosom capped with twin peaks Emblazoned with dark tipped nipples Lancing into my mouth Jousting with the thrust of my tongue Take me up into you Take me into the place they call sin The enclave hushed up by the priests That none may speak freely of That […]

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The Sea and The Wind 

​image courtesy Google Images  Turbulent seas Under winds whipping Storms passionate Ships wreak Between tides Drowns intimately Fishes warble In the sailor’s silent screams  As he is dragged into Davy Jones’ locker Oyster pearls marble  In the mermaid’s dreams  In the darkness the ocean is mucker The sea The Fisher’s net Caught us pure In […]

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At Sea

Young girl by boat – Santo de Vita   This the story of a man and his muse Who went out to sea in a squall Among the slapping waves a cruise   They sailed out in a dinghy He the habitual drunkard Eternally under the soporific influence of emotions.   She the reality transient […]

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