In this post, I speak as the guilty party in this culture of silence victims of sexual abuse in Ghana have to live through. I speak as a guilty person of enabling this in my actions and my resolve to do better for women in a society that is set up against them.


Kwaku Ananse

ananse ntentan – image courtesy google images     Cunning one The one with eight arms The land’s wily octopod Ingenious The trickster himself Of whom legends are told in blazes of orange tinted black     Oh arachnidan god He who makes his home between the tusks of the mighty elephant He who makes […]

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We Are

We are Fifty Nine today, Young as nations go But old enough to be gray We are Short and stunted Yet proud and resilient Like the much maligned cockroach we endure The insecticides of corruption and manipulation But Still we are here. We are blessed with natural resources Which kill our nature Because greed and […]

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Mental Blues

“Cudjoe! Cudjoe! Wake up!” I heard the voice from far away. Then I felt my body rising and my feet planted to the ground. Half asleep I was marched to the bathroom. Still groggy I was placed on the toilet seat. I did my thing. Next up the bath. Now that got me wide awake. […]

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The Day The World Stood Still

This is a fictious story inspired by true events. Ladies and gentlemen, I present THE DAY THE WORLD STOOD STILL ‘’ Dear Diary, Today has to be possibly the worst day of my life.’’ I shook my head once more. The day’s events had thrown me into utter disbelief. As I sat in the massive […]

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La Semaine

French is a romantic and poetic language I appreciate. While my French is rudimentary the power of the translator cannot be understated. Please enjoy. Je suis Kosi, Je m’appelle sage et doux, Le serviteur des anciens. Je m’appelle Adzo, Je suis entraînee et zéléé, La bête noire des femmes paresseuse. Ils m’appellent Komla, La vie […]

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