Daughter Of Man

  Daughter of man Blessed with a bosom capped with twin peaks Emblazoned with dark tipped nipples Lancing into my mouth Jousting with the thrust of my tongue Take me up into you Take me into the place they call sin The enclave hushed up by the priests That none may speak freely of That […]

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The Dabbler

I don’t babble I focus my wit on my prey Reducing every else into rubble. Bobbing and weaving Rumble Butterfly floating In the jungle Stinging like a yellow jacket Putting your brain into a jumble Traffic jammin’ Your world in shambles Looking up to me from the canvas, Lights bright All you hear is the […]

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The Shade

I lurk within the folds of your cerebellum, Links to memories, Inked on vellum. I stand between you and the dark, Value of the hue, Right on the mark. You shadow my all my moves, I’m ingrained into you. The fine spider webbed cracks of your lost loves. Remember, I lurk within the folds of […]

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The Poet I Never Was

Scrawling, Scrabbling down neat rows, The ink glistens, Sapphire. Always sapphire. Crawling, Descending into nought, The deep seated cravings lower me, Into the pools of thought. Always alone. Running, In the fleeting sunlight, Golden joy dancing on my skin, But at night? Gloom takes hold, Always fright. Sapphire ink, Jotting down yellow sunlight and black […]

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