Daughter Of Man


Daughter of man

Blessed with a bosom capped with twin peaks

Emblazoned with dark tipped nipples

Lancing into my mouth

Jousting with the thrust of my tongue

Take me up into you
Take me into the place they call sin

The enclave hushed up by the priests

That none may speak freely of

That place

Where kings shorn themselves of their crowns

Take me into the place

Where Samson gave away his strength

Envelop me with your nether lips

That warm embrace the hedonist never forgets


Daughter of man

Blessed with a derriere so bountiful

Juggled by the sway of your hips

Lay me on your altar of gold

Pierce me with the dagger of your eyes

Wash me with the taste of your lips

Even as the fire of my loins burns

Erecting the tower of my pride

Babel reaching for the stars

Despite the flush of my cheeks

Teach me the ways of your castle

That I may lay my life down to defend it


Daughter of man

Adorned in the skin of the bronzed sands

Touched with the obsidian of the night

Caressed with the haze of a snowstorm

Let me into your infinite wetness

The ocean pacific of sweet loving

Animate my desire in your well of creation

So I can unlock the secrets of life

Hidden within the palaces of pleasure welled up in you


Daughter of man

Allow me to rappel those twin peaks

So I may embrace their dark tipped cupolas

Winding down like an acrobat

Let me overturn your mound

Tending the sweet spot

Of pleasure tendrils convulsing the cradle that is your body

In the throbbing of my need

Or the unwound coils of your want

In night or day

In the beginning and forever more

And at the height of our pleasure

We become like



© Sena Frost 2k17

image courtesy opinionatedmale.com


The Dabbler

I don’t babble

I focus my wit on my prey

Reducing every else into rubble.

Bobbing and weaving


Butterfly floating

In the jungle

Stinging like a yellow jacket

Putting your brain into a jumble

Traffic jammin’

Your world in shambles

Looking up to me from the canvas,

Lights bright

All you hear is the whine of blood rushing through your ears

Imma stand right over you

God’s shadow



Dry Leaves dance slowly

Lit by harmattan sun

Into earth’s arms.


The world isn’t ours for the taking

Seize the day however you might,

But time runs through your hand like sand

Leaving grains of regret

White noise in the picture of your youth

Scarred and graceless,

So no faking,

Look to the light,

Run through the land

Be not uncouth

Don’t fret,

For He will your life bless.



The land lives by the sea


The beach sand kisses the ocean in an eternal romance

But Sea is forever


Churning with the thoughts of the inspired

And it always

Throws the mundane rubbish


Land tosses in

Back at her



© Sena Frost 2k16


The Shade

I lurk within the folds of your cerebellum,
Links to memories,
Inked on vellum.
I stand between you and the dark,
Value of the hue,
Right on the mark.
You shadow my all my moves,
I’m ingrained into you.
The fine spider webbed cracks of your lost loves.
I lurk within the folds of your cerebellum,
Links to memories,
Inked on vellum.
I stand between you and the dark,
Value of the hue,
Right on the mark.
I imbibe only that which makes me stronger,
Thus your attempts to find yourself,
Will only lead you into myself.
Who am I?
I am,
The darkest sun,
The brightest night,
Violets and reds and oranges,
Of a dying day.
I lurk within the folds of your cerebellum,
Links to memories,
Inked on vellum.
I stand between you and the dark,
Value of the hue,
Right on the mark.
Call it what you want,
But pray do tell me.
Are you what you want to be?

© Sena Frost 2015

The Poet I Never Was

Scrabbling down neat rows,
The ink glistens,
Always sapphire.

Descending into nought,
The deep seated cravings lower me,
Into the pools of thought.
Always alone.

In the fleeting sunlight,
Golden joy dancing on my skin,
But at night?
Gloom takes hold,
Always fright.

Sapphire ink,
Jotting down yellow sunlight and black fright.
Dyes draining down the sink.
Coagulating thoughts of might,
Let down with the delicate reality of a dink.

Then you came,
And I dipped myself in paint,
While you were content to hold me up; my own frame,
Sitting on an easel,

No more cravings,
Or thoughts tumbling,
Arranged in rows of sapphire ink.
I always thought myself the poet I never was.

© Sena Kodjokuma 2015

Tips on how to be free (as defined by myself)

Follow the rules. As much as you may resent structured norms, they actually give you a lot of freedom especially when they have loopholes.
Bite back your anger. Looking furious is never cool. You never want to come across as a monster because of a disturbing issue.
Place value in the simplest things. I find that cartoons, photographs and pets calm me down often. I laugh raucously and goof around at the risk of looking like a fool. It works the same for pretty much everyone.
Be emotional when you need to be. It is senseless bottling up emotion. All it does is turn you into a worse person. When you are happy be happy, when you are sad be under the weather. It is a natural tonic for wellbeing.
When a loved one lets you go, hold on until it is no longer your cause. By eliminating all doubt about your inability to maintain a relationship through a hard time you give yourself a clean conscience.
The only person who truly cares about you is you. You do not live for other people you live for yourself only. Relying on other people to make you move ahead turns you into a liability.
You are God. As extensions of His divine Self, you are already full of grace. On the flipside, it means you are in full control of your life and choices. You are not a mindless being. You are steward of the earth act like it!
Laugh when you are angry especially with yourself. Laughing at yourself softens the potential blow anybody would actually land on you. By admitting you are angry over an issue and not fussing about it diffuses the emotion.
Do not be controlled by what you feel. While you should feel every emotion, it does not mean you should kow-tow to it. Only little brats and spoilt animals allow emotion to take over. Be sensible about how you feel.
Be cordial and polite, even when the other party does not deserve it. Nothing rankles an antagonist worse than a polite opponent. When you are cordial and polite, it gives people who do not like you less reason not to.
Be yourself. Be the first of your kind always not the next whoever-was-there-first. Allowing your uniqueness broadcast to the people around you makes people like you for who you are flaws or not.
Be aware of your environment. Wherever you go be in touch with everything, you can recall. It allows you to be comfortable in any terrain.
Be versatile. More often than not people who refuse to adapt themselves to a new situation are left out in the cold. The great rule of survival kills those who cannot change. Why be caught out?
Do not be more of a nuisance than you already are. Do not attempt to endear yourself to those who would have nothing to do with you. Keep to yourself and they will leave you alone.
Do not sink under pressure. You are often the victim of your focus. Phase out, prioritise the things you want to do, get into a rhythm and then get to work. Distract yourself for a bit and wear the coat again.
Do not let your circumstances define you. As much as it is terrible to survive a conflagration, rise above it. It is the past not your trump card. The kindest people are the ones who have known suffering and yet choose to smile.
You are not the star of the show. You are just one of seven billion humans on this earth. Do not act as if you are the survivor of a worldwide holocaust. Blend in and do your part. That is what makes you stand out.
Be upfront and legitimate. Doing the right thing is always the best thing. Independent of how you feel, stick to your guts when they differ from what you see. It takes patience to pan gold from a riverbed of sand.

You are only free as long as you are bound by the rules that define you. The eagle flies because it has to reach land. The unshackled destroys. Let the unstable elements remind you of that.