Seat of Power

    Cold Arbitrary Rations culled From War-induced famines. Undeniable logic precedes the viewpoint of Life At a tangent Never circumventing Reason.   Violent empathy Brooding spores Of Social conflict Based on Interests Which propagate self either In Excess or deficiency Full of parabolic extremes Nurtured by nature taking Flight While showing fight.   Meninges […]

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Black Hole

Vanishing point, That spot on the horizon where all lines converge. Confused? Its a simple matter of perspective, Straight to the point, Literally linear. All my actions and misadventures, Hurtling towards this spot in the midground, RReady to swallow me whole. May be bird’s eye, May be worm’s. Depending on your view point it might […]

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This Beautiful Boy

This beautiful boy, Is six foot three. So handsome he is described as having beautiful features; a pretty face. He is so young and carefree. Hence his thoughts ask, “What can be pure but not good?” He thinks of a lot of shit. Funny, Y’all would say deep. This beautiful boy writes, “I loved watching […]

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