I’m in Marvin’s room

Sitting by the ‘phone

Just staring at them blowing a ‘shroom

The click of the keyring before the dial tone

Rings loudly

The phone

I pick it up

Cradling my cup set full of Rosé

“Talk to me

Please say something”

She breathes on the other side of the line

“I slept with my best friend’s girlfriend

I didn’t even feel bad about it”

She breathes on the other side of the line

“I see you in my dreams at night

An angel dressed in white

My angel


Give me a chance

Cos I know you’re the one for me”

She says nothing

I am in Marvin’s room

Sitting by the phone

Just staring at them blowing a ‘shroom

The click of the keyring before the dial tone

Rings loudly

The phone

I pick it up

Cradling my cup set full of Rosé

“Talk to me

Please say something”

She breathes on the other side of the line

“I don’t love you

I’ve never loved you

Can you just be happy for me?

I love him ”

I breathe on the other side of the line

“We can’t be anything more than this

You’re like a brother to me”

I breathe on the other side of the line

The words a lump in my throat

I’m in Marvin’s room

Sitting by the ‘phone

Just staring at them blowing a ‘shroom

The click of the keyring before the dial tone

Rings loudly

The phone

I pick it up

Cradling my cup set full of Rosé

There is no speak

Just breathing

“I miss you”

Just breathing

I scream

I slam the receiver into its cradle and leave the room

The room intoxicated with the fumes of young love and happy couples reminding me of the cold hollow inside me

“I love you

I love you so much it hurts”

The tear lines appear

Slit wrists

The blood and salt coagulate on my shoes

I bleed

I cry

My sobs drowned

While the music rages on

I’m in Marvin’s room

Sitting by the ‘phone

Just staring at them blowing a ‘shroom

The click of the keyring before the dial tone

Rings loudly

The phone

I pick it up

Cradling my cup set full of Rosé

Just breathing

© Sena Frost “17

Drake – Marvin’s Room

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Have I ever told you your eyes glint when you’re hungry?

When you bite your lips and fidget nervously

It never fails to surprise me

You look like a child right before a tantrum

All cuddly and cute and all sorts of intense

A starved teddy-bear ready to ravage anything and everything in its path.


Did you know you leave flowers in your wake?

When your hand slinks in mine as we take a walk

It always begins awkwardly 

Then our hands do the thing and fit in each other


See you smiling

That’s the flower I’m talking about.


Did I tell you that you sleep like a statue?

Perfectly carved in stillness


Hewn from the wood of Father’s own likeness


Touched with the graceful tendrils of gold

A flower in a field

Swaying rhythmically

A metronome of beauty

Beautifully timed to your steady breathing.


You are so beautiful when you wake.

Your elegance is in the tousled locks of hair that frame the lustrous sheen of your high forehead adorning the pearly orbs of your eyes

And your succulent garnet lips which demand a good morning kiss

Stolen just as you rise from the couple of the sleep lover into the fragrant day rise.


I am aware of your being in the dark

I am intimate with the shape of you

I draw your outlines in the furore of chaos

And you stand out


I imagine you in the light

Hallucinations wrought by the soporific daze that is you

Overwhelming my senses

I’m high

With the thought of you.


I know your little details

The scars patterning your legs

The slant of your eyes when you smile

The wrinkle thing your nose does

When you furrow your brow in concentration

Or giggle unashamedly

Wiggling like a bauble in the hands of a toddler

Your occasional prattle

When your voice jingles in my brain

And your uncomfortable steely silence

Where nothing creases your impassive face.

I am familiar with you

In spirit and in being

Feeling your heart throb as you touch mine

We are made of the God-stuff

On the cosmic plain where the lines blur

And planes shift

And bodies cascade in chocolate resplendence

As stars fall and galaxies collide

As our minds meld

Forming black holes and leaving nebulae in our wake.


hand in hand, image courtesy google images

© Sena Frost ‘17


Kelewele By The Ocean & Love Distins

What if we cooked in the kitchen today and I made a mess of the recipe
Or mess up the fufu because I can’t pound for shit
Or palm-nut soup isn’t really your forte because you spent your time roaming the pages of a book
Instead of staying with mom and learning to cook
So we go out instead and buy tubs of ice cream and mountains of candy
Munching on the opposite ends of a chocolate bar
Would be so much fun wouldn’t it

What if we lay on the roof of your house stargazing
Staring at the crescent moon instead
Because city lights drown out the stars
Then you blot out the stars with your silhouette
Because I can hear your heart beating in anticipation
Or maybe it’s mine because I’d roll you over and show you the secrets of the universe patterned in my moonshine eyes
And I’d tell you we are billions of years old because we’re all made of the same stuff as the stars and the earth and the air and that was really where we go back to being when we die
Would be heavenly wouldn’t it

What if we went on a stroll through the market
Jay walking across the street and tasting everything some
Window shopping and laughing at everything and everyone
Annoying the market women mocking the “fools in love” while they prattle the latest gossip
And we wouldn’t care because we won’t buy their stuff anyways
Would be hilarious wouldn’t it

What if we skipped work and lectures and lay in bed all day
Leg over leg
Playing music loudly
Feeling each other with our intimate parts
Grunting and giggling and groping and kissing and pulling and sighing
Ecstasy dancing
In the shadows the curtains cast
Would be wild wouldn’t it

What if we went on a date at night and had kelewele by the ocean
Savouring the spicy tang while the sobolo sweats in the ice bucket
While we listen to the waves crash against the shore
Frothing in harmony with the pale sands
We would tease the water with our feet and listen to our hearts beat cradled at the foot of the coconut palm
As our fingers kiss and lace and the electric warmth caresses our nestled figure
Wild and exotic and full of imagination
Freed of Monday mornings and rush hour
In moments like this
Time stands still
Would be so romantic wouldn’t it

© Sena Frost 2k17

image courtesy Google Images

Daughter Of Man


Daughter of man

Blessed with a bosom capped with twin peaks

Emblazoned with dark tipped nipples

Lancing into my mouth

Jousting with the thrust of my tongue

Take me up into you
Take me into the place they call sin

The enclave hushed up by the priests

That none may speak freely of

That place

Where kings shorn themselves of their crowns

Take me into the place

Where Samson gave away his strength

Envelop me with your nether lips

That warm embrace the hedonist never forgets


Daughter of man

Blessed with a derriere so bountiful

Juggled by the sway of your hips

Lay me on your altar of gold

Pierce me with the dagger of your eyes

Wash me with the taste of your lips

Even as the fire of my loins burns

Erecting the tower of my pride

Babel reaching for the stars

Despite the flush of my cheeks

Teach me the ways of your castle

That I may lay my life down to defend it


Daughter of man

Adorned in the skin of the bronzed sands

Touched with the obsidian of the night

Caressed with the haze of a snowstorm

Let me into your infinite wetness

The ocean pacific of sweet loving

Animate my desire in your well of creation

So I can unlock the secrets of life

Hidden within the palaces of pleasure welled up in you


Daughter of man

Allow me to rappel those twin peaks

So I may embrace their dark tipped cupolas

Winding down like an acrobat

Let me overturn your mound

Tending the sweet spot

Of pleasure tendrils convulsing the cradle that is your body

In the throbbing of my need

Or the unwound coils of your want

In night or day

In the beginning and forever more

And at the height of our pleasure

We become like



© Sena Frost 2k17

image courtesy opinionatedmale.com


Peering into your infinite darkness

Wanderers orbiting in perpetuity

Nebulae of desire swirling in absolute obliqueness


Birthing stars of passion 

Lightyears away 


Atoms of elements committed to the big secret 

Unlocked by the spectacular haze of going supernova

Constellations are wrought


The curves of the comet sling-shooting round your


Infinity ever expanding

The keys to life 

As spoken by you

As I 


Peering into your infinite darkness

Rocks fall from the sky.
© Sena Frost 2k16

two thirty four with dumsor and a storm

Vamping. Image courtesy google.com

2.34 AM

Sleep flees from me

A curtain blown away by the wind of change

Lifting the trapdoor

Creaky hinges

So I listen to the scurrying feet of mice

Peer into the inky blackness

Of nothingness

The void

Where everything in plain sight is hidden.



The cloth slips for free

Leaving my naked body to the mosquitos’ choral rage

A biochemical spoor

For emotional binges

Gut wrenching and heart burning and all together not very nice

I fear the plainness

Of the Loch Ness

Monster unsighted and generally avoid

The pain of freedom now forbidden.


2:36 AM

Pain wells up in my chest

A burning fever

An onslaught of hormones

Adrenaline pumping through capillaries

Pupils dilating to refract the tiniest amount of light


ECG at their best again

I peek outside

And the dark skies are laden with torrents of regret

A hailstorm of “I miss you”s

All the while obsessing about the dry earth

Which I stopped watering

And now

He curates in the hope of a cocoa harvest.



I say “It is for the best”

But I doubt the nature of my self-sacrifice like a dulled cleaver

Trying to split meat from bones

Burning through the list of ancillaries

While it roars thunder fright

And strikes lightning nigh,

I wonder why my thoughts cannot abstain

And leave her on the other side

The mirrors of my soul reflect

On the countless “I love you”s

And the inglorious moments of the cold hearth

Where once smiles were simmering


The tears well up in the wake of the tempest



Nothing good comes easy

And yeah

Life sucks

Drawing inspiration from ghosts I have tried to banish

Moved into the storeroom where all broken things go

But here I am

Train wrecked

Standing at the verge

Feeling alone

But then




I am dizzy


Of all that I have lost and the worst of lucks

I cannot vanish

Miraculously the tears do not flow

I grab hold of the pram

Holding my beautiful blue babies of my star trek

Despairs submerge

And Vulcan logic sudden

Becomes lucid with alphanumeric phosphorescence.



Sleep beckons

Deep journeys twenty thousand leagues under the ocean

Steep cliff faces

For the condors and king raptors

Floors of lush grass for the sheep frolicking

Doors opened by hands skeletal

While she closes hers shut

Bile jaundices my eyes

Sterile but not malignant

Alliterating my fluctuations of thought while

Perambulating the far reaches of the universe yet

Bifurcating the black hole of apocalypse

In the hour of poetry

And yet

Here I am

Staring at my phone screen


© Sena Frost 2k16







I remember the moment
When I felt alone
No good
And the world was against me
Even you were with them.

I remember the moment
When we first came together
I will never forget the surprise on your face
Your dark little eyes shining
Black pearls pooled
Almost dazed
Like it was a dream.

I remember the moment
We spent under the sheets
Becoming one
Under the moonlight coming through the window
Even though
I had to go home.

I remember the moment
Your pretty little face
With the nappy hair
Turned into a frown.
It is still the cutest expression I have seen on your face.
And doubt set in
Over a face in a virtual world.

I remember the moment
I sank to my knees
For a chance to work at love again.
While I made
The will to cut
And remove the shade tree
So you could see the plain.

I remember the moment
You trembled
And whispered into my ear
“I love you”
And I loved you too.

I remember the moment
The inglorious time
When day and night
Clashed for the umpteenth time.
And the clouds parted
Taking away the rain.

I know in this moment
Day and night can never be together
I cannot be your knight in shining armour
But still
Te amor.
Forever and always.

In this moment
I know
I never wrote odes about your beauty
But I froze those moments
Making your beauty immortal.
This love letter
Milks the salt from my eyes
It is a little too late
For the moon to be a star.

In this moment
My heart longs for you
To be happy
But time is a circle
And I am a straight line.

Thank you
For the moments we shared
And our star flickered
Even if it was just
A moment in time.

© Sena Frost 2k16

image courtesy pinterest.com