I’m in Marvin’s room Sitting by the ‘phone Just staring at them blowing a ‘shroom The click of the keyring before the dial tone Rings loudly The phone I pick it up Cradling my cup set full of Rosé “Talk to me Please say something” She breathes on the other side of the line “I […]

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  Have I ever told you your eyes glint when you’re hungry? When you bite your lips and fidget nervously It never fails to surprise me You look like a child right before a tantrum All cuddly and cute and all sorts of intense A starved teddy-bear ready to ravage anything and everything in its […]

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Kelewele By The Ocean & Love Distins

What if we cooked in the kitchen today and I made a mess of the recipe Or mess up the fufu because I can’t pound for shit Or palm-nut soup isn’t really your forte because you spent your time roaming the pages of a book Instead of staying with mom and learning to cook So […]

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Daughter Of Man

  Daughter of man Blessed with a bosom capped with twin peaks Emblazoned with dark tipped nipples Lancing into my mouth Jousting with the thrust of my tongue Take me up into you Take me into the place they call sin The enclave hushed up by the priests That none may speak freely of That […]

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Peering into your infinite darkness Wanderers orbiting in perpetuity Nebulae of desire swirling in absolute obliqueness To  Birthing stars of passion  Lightyears away  From  Atoms of elements committed to the big secret  Unlocked by the spectacular haze of going supernova Constellations are wrought In  The curves of the comet sling-shooting round your Obsidian  Infinity ever […]

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two thirty four with dumsor and a storm

Vamping. Image courtesy google.com 2.34 AM Sleep flees from me A curtain blown away by the wind of change Lifting the trapdoor Creaky hinges So I listen to the scurrying feet of mice Peer into the inky blackness Of nothingness The void Where everything in plain sight is hidden.   2:35AM The cloth slips for […]

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I remember the moment When I felt alone No good And the world was against me Yes Even you were with them. I remember the moment When we first came together I will never forget the surprise on your face Your dark little eyes shining Black pearls pooled Almost dazed Like it was a dream. […]

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