I am lost Lost in things other than myself I lost myself in wholes Which were rabbit holes I had dug for myself I consorted with spirits I believed were kindred Alas They were neither kind nor red I am lost In the labyrinth of my mind Escaping the minotaur of my thoughts Crawling on […]

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Polythene Bag Blues

Black polythene bag sailing the skies, Tell me little about you. Spill your secrets like fries, Shooting out from their paper bag. Your obsidian wrinkles don’t have nothing on you, You wizened old hag. How does it feel like to fly? I wonder. You don’t even have wings, But you crest the thermals with the […]

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I Remember

I remember, The slinky feel of your fingers between mine, The warmth of your crushed breasts against my chest (actually my midriff but that’s fine:-)). The flowery presence of your perfume, The breathy warmth of your whispers. The kinky freshness of your uncombed hair (I can’t help but dig in sometimes!), Erotically alive with a […]

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Someday I’ll Forget

Someday I’ll forget, That your favourite colour is blue, That you like fish and seafood, The scent of the fresh rain. Someday I’ll forget, That you hate goat meat, You dislike getting out of bed, For the simple reason of bathing. Someday I’ll forget, I was just an option, The fall guy, The brother from […]

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