The Predator and the Girl

They stared at each other, Wide eyed. Curiosity rippled across his face, The sun danced in his eyes, Gold and green flecked with darkness. She stared back, Hazel irises glowing softly, Rimmed with plastic and metal. He shrugged, A fluid wave of carelessness, And padded up to her. Arrhythmic muscle spasms. Such wild malign written […]

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The Usurper

My brothers and I are landless, Driven from home, We forage like stray dogs, Scrounging on scraps, Pelaging. But here we see you lying fat and fed, Showing your belly to the sun. Gorging on the work of your subjects. My brothers and I have come hither, To show you how effete you have become. […]

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The white caps gallop Crashing The land Sea roars; an azure monster Shackled Fettered by sand Along ;Ghost crabs Flit

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