La Semaine

French is a romantic and poetic language I appreciate. While my French is rudimentary the power of the translator cannot be understated. Please enjoy. Je suis Kosi, Je m’appelle sage et doux, Le serviteur des anciens. Je m’appelle Adzo, Je suis entraînee et zéléé, La bête noire des femmes paresseuse. Ils m’appellent Komla, La vie […]

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The Things I Am

I am, Arrogant, Self assured bastard, Ready to believe the world will twist in my favor. Craven, Lily livered, Yellow bellied, Cringing at the first sign of danger, To save my mottled skin. Amorous, Ready to believe in love, Not the faux sob-tales on tv, But on the rollercoaster ride hitched to life. Smart, Intelligent […]

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